Band of Brothers – Men’s Ministry

The Band of Brothers is a group of 10 or 12 men who meet twice per month, from February to November. Numbers vary and the composition of the group changes over time. In addition to sharing a monthly meal together, the group enjoys a range of outdoor activities, including an occasional walk, camping and fishing expeditions and various unenergetic sports.

Photo of Band of Broters enjoing a BBQ at the Amphitheatre at the church
Enjoying a BBQ at the amphitheatre at the church

At Band of Brothers meetings and functions we try hard to create an atmosphere that builds deep friendship and connection among the men who attend. A common need is to be heard without judgement, evaluation or comment from others. We strive to foster an environment that enables us to “Seek First to Understand”. In discussion, we have adopted the use of a “Talking Stick” (speaker’s staff) as a tool to remind us of the power of validating others by listening to their story and their opinions, while suspending our own.

The Band of Brothers is committed to offering men a place in the Church where they can be comfortable simply acting like men, without apology or reservation. We believe that such an environment meets a growing need among men from the wider community.

John Park is currently our coordinator. The Church Office can readily direct anyone who is interested, to him or another active member of the group.