The church has a library of donated books on shelves in the reading room at the altar end of the church (formerly the prayer room). These are available to members of the congregation. If you wish to borrow a book, please write your and the book’s details in the notebook provided.

The books are in alphabetical order by title, ignoring an initial “The”, “A” or “An”. Please keep the books in this order when you return a book. If you wish to donate a book or books, please place it (them) on the middle shelf of the left hand bookcase (where the loans book is located) so that it (they) can be catalogued.

There are two forms of the catalogue. The first is a webpage that maybe scrolled or searched. The second is a PDF file that may be downloaded or printed. Either may be viewed by clicking the appropriate text below. The entries for some books have a picture of the front page. If you click the picture, you will be sent to a page with more information about the book.

Book catalogue webpage