2 1000 World Prayers Marcus Braybrooke
This treasure store of prayer draws widely on many of the world's great religious and spiritual traditions and focuses on contemporary concerns. It is intended for people seeking to deepen and broaden their spiritual lives and also for those who lead public worship or school assemblies and are searching for material.
1 10 Tips for Atheists Natasha Moore et al
Is religious faith just a personal lifestyle choice?

Does Christianity have anything to say to 21st-century people and issues?

The Centre for Public Christianity (CPX), founded in Sydney in 2007, thinks there's still a conversation to be had about faith - many conversations, in fact - and this volume brings together a few of the most stimulating, urgent, or just delightful ones they've had in the media over the years.

These include conversations with atheists, agnostics, and believers; with philosophers, economists, scientists, artists, activists, and ordinary people with far from ordinary stories. They cover everything from religious violence, JFK, refugee policy, ecological ethics, and the scandal of child abuse in the church to Halloween, modern slavery, the kingdom of God, art and beauty, neuroscience, sex, missionaries, economics, and the good life.

Whether you're a believer or a sceptic - whether you're asking "What is Christianity all about?" or "What good has it ever done?" - 10 Tips for Atheists invites you to join one of the defining conversations of our time.

With contributions from:

John Dickson, Ross Gittins, Wesley Hill, Bethany Hoang, Greg Lake, John Lennox, Hugh Mackay, Tom McLeish, Gordon Menzies, Natasha Moore, Nancey Murphy, Richard Shumack, Simon Smart, Byron Smith, Margaret Somerville, Francis Spufford, John Stackhouse, Scott Stephens, John Swinton, Helen Thomas, Justine Toh, Kevin Vanhoozer, Tim Winton, Robert Woodberry, N T Wright, Barney Zwartz
3 2 Kings  & 2 Chronicles Self Study Guide Irving L Jensen
This self-study guide will help you follow the decline and captivity of both Israel and Judah and their determined endurance under one evil king after another. You'll also marvel at the miracle-filled ministry of Elisha. In your study of 2 Chronicles, you'll see how Ezra, concerned for the spiritual welfare of God's people, organized his account of the kingdom's history in order to emphasize the importance of religious purity as well as the proper place of the law, the Temple, and the priesthood.

The books in the Jensen Bible Self-Study Guide series are designed to provide you with a broader understanding of God’s Word. Offering historical context and background, author information, charts, and other helps, these books will equip you with a comprehensive reference tool you’ll return to often. Each study includes an opportunity for analysis, response, and further study in a response-oriented format. The thirty-nine books in this series are suitable for both personal and group use.
4 40 Days John (?) Grinoroo
5 40 Object Sermons for Children Joe E. Trull
Written and designed to ease the pastor's or teacher's task of relating effectively to children, this book utilizes objects which are familiar to children and language which they can comprehend. The large

type, with each object lesson appearing on facing pages, allows for easy reference when presenting the lesson.
Dr. Trull presents forty children's sermons, plus guidelines for successfully preparing and delivering them. He maintains that children, like play dough, are easily molded and shaped. A children's sermon can therefore be a powerful stimulus for developing a child's spiritual awareness and his appreciation of worship as a family experience.
6 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, The Stephen R. Covey
Describes how successful families build a loving environment, effectively resolve problems, and cope with human relations issues
7 800 Horsemen Col Stringer
God's History Makers
8 Abundant Life Bible Anonimo, Tyndale
New Living Translation

The Abundant Life Bible offers readers insights about living the abundant life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Topics such as joy, peace, dealing with life's tough issues, and more offer practical guidance for daily life. The Abundant Life Bible is value priced—perfect for gift giving.
9 Acting on Conscience Frank Brennan
How Can We Responsibly Mix Law, Religion And Politics?

Is there a place for personal beliefs in public life?Is a Catholic health minister in a fit position to legislate on women's issues such as the right to an abortion pill? When the prime minister invokes church leaders' support in going to war with Iraq - and those church leaders tacitly approve this - is there a moral issue at stake?In Acting on Conscience Jesuit priest, human rights lawyer and academic Frank Brennan tackles these issues head on. He explores some of the legal, moral and ethical issues that capture the public imagination - and critically examine the figures in public life who pass judgement on them. Issues covered include:The War in IraqSame-sex marriage and parentingLate-term abortionPolitics and the judiciaryThrough detailed analysis of examples from both Australia and the US, Brennan asks: Is there a place for personal beliefs in public life? As citizens and voters, how can we ensure that in the future, our leaders will speak for us - but not out of turn?'In an age of fear and bigotry here is a welcome book of courage and conscience.' SENATOR BOB BROWN, Australian Greens
10 Action Bible Christmas Story, The Sergio Cariello
God's Redemptive Story
11 Activating the passive church Lyle E. Schaller
diagnosis & treatment
12 Adventures of the Kingdom Builders Jean Syswerda, Larry Richards
The Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts from the Holy Bible, New International Version

Retells the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts in everyday language. Includes discussion questions, activities, and maps.
13 Ambassadors of Hope Robert A. Seiple
How Christians Can Respond to the World's Toughest Problems

\"Filled with stories and on-the-ground reports from Rwanda, Bosnia, Sudan, Lebanon and other hotspots, Seiple's book demonstrates how Christians can be agents of change and ambassadors of

hope to the most challenging regions of the world.\"--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
14 American Pulpit Series Book IX, the
15 Another Gospel? Alisa Childers
A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity

“This may be the most influential book you will read this year.” —Lee Strobel, bestselling author of The Case for Miracles A Movement Seeks to Redefine Christianity. Some Think that It Is a Much-Needed Progressive Reformation. Others Believe that It Is an Attack on Historic Christianity. Alisa Childers never thought she would question her Christian faith. She was raised in a Christian home, where she had seen her mom and dad feed the hungry, clothe the homeless, and love the outcast. She had witnessed God at work and then had dedicated her own life to leading worship, as part of the popular Christian band ZOEgirl. All that was deeply challenged when she met a progressive pastor, who called himself a hopeful agnostic. Another Gospel? describes the intellectual journey Alisa took over several years as she wrestled with a series of questions that struck at the core of the Christian faith. After everything she had ever believed about God, Jesus, and the Bible had been picked apart, she found herself at the brink of despair . . . until God rescued her, helping her to rebuild her faith, one solid brick at a time. In a culture of endless questions, you need solid answers. If you or someone you love has encountered the ideas of progressive Christianity and aren’t sure how to respond, Alisa’s journey will show you how to determine—and rest in—what’s unmistakably true.
16 Anything You Ask Colin Urquhart
17 Apathetic and Bored Church Member, the John S. Savage
Psychological and Theological Implications
18 Art of Management for Christian lLeaders, Edward R. Dayton, Theodore Wilhelm Engstrom
19 Art of Remaking Men, the
20 Assimilating New Members Lyle E. Schaller
How do you reach new members and help them adapt to the local church more effectively? In Assimilating New Members by Lyle E. Schaller, a recognized church planner, shows how to reach more people, bring them into the local church family, make them feel at home, and keep them active. Mr. Schaller discusses those things that attract and hold new members. he shows how to evaluate the local church recruitment and assimilation processes, recognize and avoid counter-productive behavior, and make the congregation more effective by involving more members in the ongoing life of the church.
21 Australian Aborigines, the Adolphus Peter Elkin
How to Understand Them
22 Australian Stories of Faith Stories about

23 Australian Stories to Inspire the Spirit John Smith et al
The contributors include John Smith, Gordon Moyes, Colin Buchanan, Geoff Bullock, Robyn Claydon, Tom Costello, Karl Faase, Michael Frost, Mal Garvin. This treasury is both touching and humourous and includes true stories about unexpected blessings, providence, courage, faith, hope, compassion and finding joy in the midst of life's uphevals.
24 Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry: Paper World Council of Churches
25 Battling with Belief Ray Thompson
26 Behind the Lines A.A. Milne
27 Being a Friend to the Physically Mary E Jensen
28 Beyond Grief: Coping With The Loss Of A John Helm
Coping with the Loss of a Loved One
29 Blue Like Jazz Donald Miller
Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality

A popular minister recounts his zealous early life pursuit of the Christian life and his experiences of emptiness and spiritual detachment, tracing his quest to connect with a God he perceived as distant.
30 Body Life : The Church comes alive Ray C. Stedman
32 Book of God, the Walter Wangerin Jr.
The Bible As a Novel

'My purpose and effort in writing this 'holy history' was always to persuade the reader to feel - to experience, in fact and in spirit - this, the greatest of stories.' This innovative, dramatic and highly readable retelling of the Bible - from the Creation to the Acts of the Apostles - in the style of an epic novel has sold 1.5 million copies worldwide. This blockbuster is now being reissued with a striking new cover for the 21st century.
31 Book That Made Your World, The Vishal Mangalwadi
How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization

Mangalwadi examines the origins of a civilization's greatness and the misguided beliefs that threaten to unravel its progress. Learn how the Bible transformed the social, political, and religious institutions that have sustained Western culture, and discover how secular corruption endangers the stability and longevity of Western civilization.
33 Boundaries Henry Cloud, John Townsend
When To Say Yes, How to Say No

Having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. A boundary is a personal property line that marks those things for which we are responsible. In other words, boundaries define who we

are and who we are not. Boundaries impact all areas of our lives: Physical boundaries help us determine who may touch us and under what circumstances -- Mental boundaries give us the freedom to have our own thoughts and opinions -- Emotional boundaries help us to deal with our own emotions and disengage from the harmful, manipulative emotions of others -- Spiritual boundaries help us to distinguish God's will from our own and give us renewed awe for our Creator -- Often, Christians focus so much on being loving and unselfish that they forget their own limits and limitations. When confronted with their lack of boundaries, they ask: - Can I set limits and still be a loving person? - What are legitimate boundaries? - What if someone is upset or hurt by my boundaries? - How do I answer someone who wants my time, love, energy, or money? - Aren't boundaries selfish? - Why do I feel guilty or afraid when I consider setting boundaries? Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend offer biblically-based answers to these and other tough questions, showing us how to set healthy boundaries with our parents, spouses, children, friends, co-workers, and even ourselves.
34 Brave men choose Garth Lean
BRAVE MEN CHOOSE by GARTH LEAN Then it is the brave man chooses, While the coward stands aside. Till the multitude make virtue Of the faith they had denied. James Russell Lowell LONDON BLANDFORD PRESS
35 Brethren, hang together : restructuring the Robert C. Girard
36 Bridge Bible Handbooks Book 8 Galatians Don Fleming
38 Building for Effective Mission Kennon L. Callahan
A Complete Guide for Congregations on Bricks and Mortar Issues

To be a successful church in the '90s, a congregation must outline clear ministry goals and then renovate, build or move to bring these ministries to life. Kennon Callahan advises churches on how to transform their facilities, gather funds, choose an architect to design an effective building, and more.
37 Building Small Groups in the Christian John Mallison
39 Bullies and Saints John Dickson
An Honest Look at the Good and Evil of Christian History

Is religion a pernicious force in the world? Does it poison everything? Would we be better off without religion in general and Christianity in particular? Many skeptics certainly think so. John Dickson has spent much of the last ten years reflecting on these difficult questions and on why so many doubters see Christianity as a major cause of harm not blessing. The skeptics, he concludes, are right: even a cursory look at the history of Christians reveals dark things therein--violence, bigotry, genocide, war, inquisition, oppression, imperialism, racism, corruption, greed, power, abuse. For centuries and even today, Christians have been among the worst bullies you could ever imagine. But these skeptics are only partly right: this is not what Christianity was meant to be. When Christians do evil they are out of tune with the teachings of their Lord. Jesus gave the world a beautiful melody--of love, grace, charity, humility, non-violence, equality, human dignity--to which, tragically, his followers have more often than not been tone-deaf. Denying the evils of church history does not do. John Dickson gives an honest account of the mixed history of Christianity, the evil and the good. He concedes the Christians' complicity for centuries of bullying but also shows the myriad ways the beautiful melody of Christ has enriched our world and the lives of countless individuals. This book asks contemporary skeptics of religion to listen again to the melody of Jesus, despite the discord produced by too many Christians through history and today. It also leads contemporary believers into sober reflection on and repentance for their own participation in the tragic inconsistencies of Christendom and seeks to inspire them to live in tune with Christ.

40 Bunch of Everlasting; Or, Texts That Made F. W. Boreham
This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process. Though we have made best efforts - the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience. We believe this work is culturally important and have elected to bring the book back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide.
41 But That I Can't Believe! John A.T. Robinson
42 Can Man Live Without God Ravi Zacharias
In this brilliant and compelling defense of the Christian faith, Ravi Zacharias shows how affirming the reality of God's existence matters urgently in our everyday lives. According to Zacharias, how you answer the questions of God's existence will impact your relationship with others, your commitment to integrity, your attitude toward morality, and your perception of truth.
43 Care & Feeding of Volunteers, the Douglas W. Johnson
FaithSongs includes everything needed to teach and use music with children in choir, worship, and Sunday school. FaithSongs was created to enhance the participation of children in worship through the gift of music. In the midst of their busy lives children need to hear and learn songs that remind them to \"Be Still and Know,\" to \"light one Candle for Waiting,\" and to say \"How Majestic is Your Name.\" With 125 songs, FaithSongs includes a wide variety of songs and musical styles including traditional children's songs, praise and worship songs, global songs, movement songs, hymns, and spirituals. The practical helps and ideas found in the Leader/Accompanist Edition were written by people who work with children every week in choirs and Sunday schools. Split-track recordings allow use of CDs as a listening tool, teaching tool, and accompaniment track.
49 Case for a Creator: A Journalist Lee Strobel
A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God

My road to atheism was paved by science . . . But, ironically, so was my later journey to God.”—Lee StrobelDuring his academic years, Lee Strobel became convinced that God was outmoded, a belief that colored his ensuing career as an award-winning journalist at the Chicago Tribune. Science had made the idea of a Creator irrelevant—or so Strobel thought.But today science is pointing in a different direction. In recent years, a diverse and impressive body of research has increasingly supported the conclusion that the universe was intelligently designed. At the same time, Darwinism has faltered in the face of concrete facts and hard reason.Has science discovered God? At the very least, it’s giving faith an immense boost as new findings emerge about the incredible complexity of our universe. Join Strobel as he reexamines the theories that once led him away from God. Through his compelling and highly readable account, you’ll encounter the mind-stretching discoveries from cosmology, cellular biology, DNA research, astronomy, physics, and human consciousness that present astonishing evidence in The Case for a Creator.
44 Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Lee Strobel
A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus

Is there credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God? Retracing his own spiritual journey from atheism to faith, Lee Strobel, former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, cross-examines a dozen experts with doctorates from schools like Cambridge, Princeton, and Brandeis who are recognized authorities in their own fields. Strobel challenges them with questions like, How reliable is the New Testament? Does evidence for Jesus exist outside the Bible? Is there any reason to believe the resurrection was an actual event? Winner of the Gold Medallion Book Award and twice nominated for the Christian Book of the Year Award, Strobel’s tough, point-blank questions read like a captivating, fast-paced novel. But it’s not fiction. It’s a riveting quest for the truth about history’s most compelling

figure. The new edition includes scores of revisions and additions, including updated material on archaeological and manuscript discoveries, fresh recommendations for further study, and an interview with the author that tells dramatic stories about the book's impact, provides behind-the-scenes information, and responds to critiques of the book by skeptics. As The Case for Christ and its ancillary resources approach 10 million copies in print, this updated edition will prove even more valuable to contemporary readers.
45 Case for Christmas, The Lee Strobel
A Journalist Investigates the Identity of the Child in the Manger

Who was in the manger that first Christmas morning? Some say he would become a great moral leader. Others, a social critic. Still others view Jesus as a profound philosopher, a rabbi, a feminist, a prophet, and more. Many are convinced he was the divine Son of God. Who was he—really? And how can you know for sure? Consulting experts on the Bible, archaeology, and messianic prophecy, Lee Strobel searches out the true identity of the child in the manger. Join him as he asks the tough, pointed questions you’d expect from an award-winning legal journalist. If Jesus really was God in the flesh, then there ought to be credible evidence, including Eyewitness Evidence—Can the biographies of Jesus be trusted? Scientific Evidence—What does archaeology reveal? Profile Evidence—Did Jesus fulfill the attributes of God? Fingerprint Evidence—Did Jesus uniquely match the identity of the Messiah? The Case for Christmas invites you to consider why Christmas matters in the first place. Somewhere beyond the traditions of the holiday lies the truth. It may be more compelling than you’ve realized. Weigh the facts . . . and decide for yourself.
46 Case for Faith, the Lee Strobel
A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity

In his #1 best-seller The Case for Christ, legally trained investigative reporter Lee Strobel examined the claims of Christ, reaching the hard-won verdict that Jesus is God's unique son. But despite the compelling historical evidence that Strobel presented, many people grapple with serious concerns about faith in God. As in a court of law, they want to shout, \"Objection!\" They say, \"If God is love, then what about all the suffering in our world?\" Or, \"If Jesus is the door to heaven, then what about the millions who have never heard of him?\" Or, \"If God cares for everyone, then why does he eternally torture some in hell?\"In The Case for Faith, Strobel turns his tenacious investigative skills to the most persistent emotional objections to belief--the eight \"heart\" barriers to faith. The Case for Faith is for those who may be feeling attracted to Jesus but who are faced with formidable intellectual barriers standing squarely in their path. For Christians, it will deepen their convictions and give them fresh confidence in discussing Christianity with even their most skeptical friends.
47 Case for Faith: A Journalist Investigates the Lee Strobel
48 Case for Miracles, The Lee Strobel
A Journalist Investigates Evidence for the Supernatural

New York Times bestselling author Lee Strobel trains his investigative sights on the hot-button issue of whether it's credible to believe God intervenes supernaturally in people's lives today. The book features the results of exclusive new scientific polling and first-hand reports that show miracle accounts are much more common than people think.
50 Case for the Real Jesus, The Lee Strobel
A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God

Has modern scholarship debunked the traditional Christ? Has the church suppressed the truth about Jesus to advance its own agenda? What if the real Jesus is far different from the atoning Savior worshipped through the centuries? In The Case for the Real Jesus, former award-winning legal editor Lee Strobel explores such hot-button questions as: • Did the church suppress ancient non-biblical

documents that paint a more accurate picture of Jesus than the four Gospels? • Did the church distort the truth about Jesus by tampering with early New Testament texts? • Do new insights and explanations finally disprove the resurrection? • Have fresh arguments disqualified Jesus from being the Messiah? • Did Christianity steal its core ideas from earlier mythology? Evaluate the arguments and evidence being advanced by prominent atheists, liberal theologians, Muslim scholars, and others. Sift through expert testimony. Then reach your own verdict in The Case for the Real Jesus.
51 Challenge, the Billy Graham
Sermons from Madison Square Garden
52 Change Agent, the Lyle E. Schaller
Advocating the need for social change, the author discusses the process of change and the use of power and organizational development in improving human relations
53 Cheaper than Paying Bail AC Mafe
54 Choices, Changes Joni Eareckson Tada
55 Choose Freedom Michael Green
56 Choosing God's Best Dr. Don Raunikar
Wisdom for Lifelong Romance

Make a God Choice, Not Just a Good Choice Many Christian singles today are in pain. Wounded from past relationships, overwhelmed at being single longer than they expected, devastated at finding themselves single again. Eighteen- to sixty-year-olds will welcome the timely, biblically based approach Dr. Raunikar offers as he encourages them along the path to Choosing God’s Best: healing from the past; learning how to avoid the pain of “counterfeit oneness” physically, emotionally, and spiritually; and much more. This attractive, repackaged edition delves into the real issues Christian singles face today and offers sound, proven advice for creating deeply satisfying godly relationships. Who’s Your Matchmaker? Disillusioned by dating? Tired of being let down? It may be time to visit the ultimate Matchmaker. No matter what your age or past, it’s never too late to trust God and choose His best for your future. Dr. Don Raunikar delves into the real issues to offer proven, biblical principles for creating godly relationships and a deeply satisfying courtship. Read this book—and be ready for romance God’s way. “Dr. Don Raunikar offers hope for the single man or woman who is disillusioned with the modern dating scene. Drawing upon time-tested biblical principles, Dr. Raunikar makes a convincing case for the benefits of a courtship based on God’s wisdom, versus a dating relationship based on man’s.” Bill Bright Founder, Campus Crusade for Christ International “I feel like Choosing God’s Best was written specifically for me. Few would argue that the current system of dating isn’t in desperate need of reform. Dr. Raunikar goes even further with his radical, biblical solution to the perils and pitfalls of dating. Thanks, Dr. Raunikar, for being a radical.” Derek Webb Singer/songwriter “I’m so glad to see a book addressing what I’ve called the ‘dating mess.’ Choosing God’s Best is straightforward and scriptural. I especially appreciated the explanation of the categories of dating, which are seldom understood.” Elisabeth Elliot Author and speaker “I wish this book had been around when I was dating. So much pain, so many missed opportunities, and so many mistakes could have been avoided if I had used these principles.” Steve Arterburn Founder and chairman, New Life Ministries Story Behind the Book Dr. Don Raunikar was a professional therapist specializing in singles’ issues. He wrote Choosing God’s Best as a result of discovering the common frustrations and desires of his patients, combined with his own experiences before he was married. Originally published in 1998, the book continues to serve as a timeless message for singles. Still changing lives to this day, this repackaged edition will reach an even broader, untapped market with the hope of God’s truth and His promise for healthy relationships. From the Trade Paperback edition.

57 Christian Beliefs: 20 Basics Every Christian Wayne Grudem
58 Christian Doctrine J. S. Whale
Eight Lectures Delivered in the University of Cambridge to Undergraduates of All Faculties

Christian Doctrine offers a clear re-statement of the fundamental beliefs of Christians. Dr Whale describes - and meets - the difficulties which the great Christian doctrines raise for us today, and makes clear how the Christian faith understands human history and the abiding issues of good and evil, life and death.
59 Christian Executive: A Practical Reference Theodore Wilhelm Engstrom
60 Christian Manifesto Francis A. Schaeffer
Argues that Americans must reestablish the country's Judeo-Christian foundation in order to stop the current decay of morals and the loss of personal freedoms.
62 Christians In Pain: Perspectives On B.W. Woods
Perspectives on suffering --
The non-Christian perspective --
The Christian perspective --
Causes of suffering --
Impersonal causes for suffering --
Divine chastisement --
The role of suffering --
Suffering as education --
Suffering that contributes to spiritual growth --
Suffering that proves the reality of faith --
Suffering that reveals God --
Suffering that teaches reverence for life --
Suffering for the benefit of others --
Suffering without reason --
Power for suffering --
The heavenly Father's love : love that lasts --
The presence of the living Christ --
The certainty of divine providence : what do we need to fear? --
The Christian view of death --
The promises of Heaven.
61 Christian worship,: Its history and meaning Horton Davies
The purpose of this valuable book is to show the interested reader that forms of public worship didn't just grow, or appear as the result of the contrivance of certain imaginative individuals. Rather, Christian worship has a history of growth and development relative to the needs of the people through the ages. Dr. Davies traces this history, analyzes the meaning of the various forms of worship, and sets forth the human situation and need to which they are relevant, as much today as in days that have passed. He also discusses private and common prayer, chants, anthems and hymns, and gives his answer to the questions about why men go to church and worship at all. The book is well written in popular style for Protestant Christians especially. Laymen especially will find it helpful in making their own worship more real. The author is Professor of Religion at Princeton University.
63 Christmas Program Builder No 15 Grace Ramquist

64 Christology in the Making James D. G. Dunn
A New Testament Inquiry Into the Origins of the Doctrine of the Incarnation

This text is designed for students and academics studying the doctrine of the incarnation. James Dunn clarifies in detail the beginnings of the belief in Christ as the Son of God and discusses the historical context of such beliefs. Exploring key titles and passages within the New Testament, he argues that the incarnation cannot simply be understood in terms of the \"myth of heavenly or divine being come to earth\", but should be grounded in the New Testament context of meaning.
65 Church Unleashed, The Frank R. Tillapaugh
66 Church Unplugged MALE DAVID
Remodelling Church Without Losing Your Soul
67 Clinical Handbook of Pastoral Counseling Donald Capps, Richard D. Parsons, Robert J. Wicks
Building on the groundbreaking original work with the same title, these articles focus on current issues, such as certain life stages, special populations, the devalued and abused, the addicted and special issues of the 1990's.
68 Cold-Case Christianity J. Warner Wallace
A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels

Written by an L. A. County homicide detective and former atheist, Cold-Case Christianity examines the claims of the New Testament using the skills and strategies of a hard-to-convince criminal investigator. Christianity could be defined as a “cold case”: it makes a claim about an event from the distant past for which there is little forensic evidence. In Cold-Case Christianity, J. Warner Wallace uses his nationally recognized skills as a homicide detective to look at the evidence and eyewitnesses behind Christian beliefs. Including gripping stories from his career and the visual techniques he developed in the courtroom, Wallace uses illustration to examine the powerful evidence that validates the claims of Christianity. A unique apologetic that speaks to readers’ intense interest in detective stories, Cold-Case Christianity inspires readers to have confidence in Christ as it prepares them to articulate the case for Christianity.
69 Come Adventuring with Christ Young
70 Come and Follow (Talking with Children)
71 Conflict and decline Kenneth Dempsey
ministers and laymen in an Australian country town
72 Courage of Carol, the Arvella Schuller, Rev Robert H Schuller
73 Creative ideas for small groups in the John Mallison
74 Deborah Available to God Ruthann Ridley

75 Designing Ecclesiastical Stitched Textiles Beryl Dean, Pat Russell, Peter Delaney
An illustrated study for those wishing to know more about all elements of church embroidery and design.
76 Desire of Ages, the Ellen G. White
According to Wikipedia: \"Ellen Gould White (born Harmon) (November 26, 1827 to July 16, 1915), born to Robert and Eunice Harmon, was an American Christian leader whose ministry was instrumental in founding the Sabbatarian Adventist movement that led to the rise of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Supporters of Ellen G. White regard her as a contemporary prophet, even though she never claimed this title for herself. Support for her role is usually expressed in the language that she exhibited the spiritual gift of prophecy as outlined in the New Testament. Her restorationist writings showcase the hand of God in Christian history. This cosmic conflict, referred to as the \"great controversy theme\", is foundational to the development of Seventh-day Adventist theology. Her involvement with other Sabbatarian Adventist leaders, such as Joseph Bates and her husband James White, would form what is now known as the Seventh-day Adventist Church. White was a controversial figure even within her own lifetime. She claimed to have received a vision soon after the Millerite Great Disappointment. In the context of many other visionaries, she was known for her conviction and fervent faith. Randall Balmer has described her as \"One of the more important and colorful figures in the history of American religion\". White is the most translated female non-fiction author in the history of literature, as well as the most translated American non-fiction author of either gender. Her writings covered theology, evangelism, Christian lifestyle, education and health (she also advocated vegetarianism). She was a leader who emphasized education and health, and promoted the establishment of schools and medical centers. During her lifetime she wrote more than 5,000 periodical articles and 40 books; but today, including compilations from her 50,000 pages of manuscript, more than 100 titles are available in English. Some of her more popular books include Steps to Christ, The Desire of Ages, and The Great Controversy.\"
77 Devotions for the Childrens Hour Kenneth N. Taylor
Prepare your children to stand strong in this age of questions and contradictions. David and Goliath. Noah and the ark. Jonah and the whale. Children love stories of Bible characters. Yet they need more than just the stories. They need to understand the truths that lie behind these stories. Truth that will answer tough questions such as: Who is God? What if I'm a Christian and I still sin? What does God want me to do? Why did Jesus have to die? How will I know if others love Jesus? For many years, Ken Taylor has been giving children this biblical foundation through his books. While containing profound truth, they are written in simple and plain language that kids can understand. Full of stories and straight talk and complete with suggested Bible reading, questions for thought, relevant prayers, and songs to sing, Devotions for the Children's Hour will give your children the head start they need to stand on the Rock of Salvation in this shaky world.
78 Doc, I feel crook Berkerly Vaughan
79 Does It Matter How I Live? Millard J. Erickson, Sandra McMaken
Applying Biblical Beliefs to Your Daily Life

Basic understanding of God and his plan for our lives was the focus of Millard Erickson's Does It Matter What I Believe?This companion volume presents practical advice to help Christians live out what they've learned.
80 Does Life Make Sense? Frida Nef
81 Doing Church as a Team: The Miracle of Wayne Cordeiro
In Doing Church as a Team, Pastor Wayne Cordeiro underscores that church numbers are insignificant when every individual is not involved. However, if the team members work together as

one toward a single, clearly defined goal, anything is possible, and everyone shares in the joys and rewards of success!
83 Doubter's Guide to the Bible, A John Dickson
Inside History’s Bestseller for Believers and Skeptics

A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible is a concise account of the whole biblical narrative and the lifestyle it inspires, representing a unique and engaging framework for those observing Christianity from the outside, especially those who think there are good reasons not to believe. In this book, Dickson provides a readable and winsome Bible primer summarizing the main themes in scripture, and addresses tough questions such as “How can we read the creation account in Genesis in light of modern science? “ and, “how do we approach Old Testament law when it appears inconsistent and irrelevant?” By presenting the whole of the Bible as an account of God’s promise to restore humanity to Himself, and humanity to one another and to creation, Dickson allows believers and skeptics alike to gain insight into why the Bible has been a compelling, life-changing, and magnetic force throughout the ages.
82 Doubt in Perspective Alister McGrath
Doubt can be a good thing - honestly! Writing with insight and sensitivity, Alister McGrath explores what doubt is, and points us to the God who is infinitely bigger than our most persistent doubt.
84 Dying to Live Ruth Mary Tracey
85 Each New Day Corrie ten Boom
365 Reflections to Strengthen Your Faith

Now with a new foreword by Brother Andrew, Each New Day is a collection of short yet profound devotions for every day of the year from the heart of Corrie ten Boom. Based on incidents from Corrie's fascinating life, each entry illustrates scriptural principles and attests to God's faithfulness. The result is a year-long candid reminder of Christ's victory over sin, Satan, and death; of God's promises and care; and that each new day brings a chance to serve and love God more.
86 Eat This Book Eugene H. Peterson
The Holy Community at Table With Holy Scripture
87 Education of Young Donald, the Donald Horne
88 Effective Church Planning Lyle E. Schaller
89 Eldership A Workshop Don Whebell
90 Emmanuel God is with us ann siddall
Ann Siddall provides us with an excellent four study journey into thinking about Advent and the importance of its themes for our lives. With two group studies (recognising the hectic nature of Advent - though the four weeks provide enough material for four studies if a group so chooses) this is an outstanding and refreshing engagement with the Advent and Christmas themes to enrich any believer. The readings are drawn from across all three years of the lectionary themes, so they can be used in any Advent season.

91 Encountering Life's Transitions Resources
92 Encountering the New Testament Robert W. Yarbrough, Walter A. Elwell
A Historical and Theological Survey

Studying the New Testament can be an exciting--and intimidating--experience. This readable survey is designed to make the adventure less daunting and more rewarding. Two experienced classroom teachers offer a new edition of their bestselling and award-winning textbook, now with updated content and a new interior design. Other distinguishing features include: abundant images, maps, and charts--all in full color; sidebars that address ethical and theological concerns and provide primary source material; focus boxes isolating key issues; chapter outlines, learning objectives, and summaries; study questions Students of the New Testament will find this introductory text both informative and engaging. An accompanying website through Baker Academic's Textbook eSources offers a wide array of resources for students and professors. Resources for students include flash cards, self quizzes, and introductory videos. Resources for professors include discussion questions, suggestions for class activities, PowerPoint slides, an instructor's manual, and a test bank.
94 Endless Adventure, the Roger Hicks
93 End of Reason Ravi Zacharias
When you pray, are you talking to a God who exists? Or is God nothing more than your \"imaginary friend,\" like a playmate contrived by a lonely and imaginative child?When author Sam Harris attacked Christianity in Letter to a Christian Nation, reviewers called the book \"marvelous\" and a generation of readers---hundreds of thousands of them---were drawn to his message. Deeply troubled, Dr. Ravi Zacharias knew that he had to respond. In The End of Reason, Zacharias underscores the dependability of the Bible along with his belief in the power and goodness of God. He confidently refutes Harris's claims that God is nothing more than a figment of one's imagination and that Christians regularly practice intolerance and hatred around the globe. If you found Sam Harris's Letter to a Christian Nation compelling, the book you are holding is exactly what you need. Dr. Zacharias exposes \"the utter bankruptcy of this worldview.\" And if you haven't read Harris' book, Ravi's response remains a powerful, passionate, irrefutably sound set of arguments for Christian thought. The clarity and hope in these pages reach out to readers who know and follow God as well as to those who reject God.
96 Evolution's Achilles' Heels Carl Wieland, David Catchpoole, Don Batten, Emil Silvestru, James F. A. Mason, John Hartnett, Jonathan D. Sarfati, Mark Harwood, Robert W. Carter, Tas Walker
\"9 Ph.D. scientists explain evolution's fatal flaws, in areas claimed to be its greatest strengths.\"--Cover.
95 Evolution Impossible John Ashton
12 Reasons Why Evolution Cannot Explain the Origin of Life on Earth

There is scientific evidence proving evolution cannot be responsible for life on Earth. It is time to question what biology text books and nature documentaries claim about our origins. Even Darwin admitted, I threw out queries, suggestions, wondering all the time over everything; and to my astonishment the ideas took like wildfire. People made a religion of them. Dr. John Ashton has dedicated 40+ years to teaching and researching science, and exposing the lack of proven evidence for Darwin's theories. In Evolution Impossible, he uses discoveries in genetics, biochemistry, geology, radiometric dating, and other scientific disciplines to explain why the theory of evolution is a myth. Discover for yourself: Why the fossil record is evidence of extinction, not evolution How erosion and sedimentation dates conflict with radiometric dating How the lack of transitional fossils undermines evolutionary notions Why living cells and new organisms do not rise by chance or random mutations

Regardless of your level of scientific education, you will finish this book able to cite 12 reasons why evolution cannot explain the origin of life.
97 Exploring the Worship Spectrum: 6 Views Paul Basden
98 Facing the Death of Someone You Love Elisabeth Elliot, Good News Publishers
Elisabeth Elliot's practical words of comfort will guide others through their sorrow at the time of loss and give them reassurance that their God will never abandon them.
100 Faith in the Shadows Austin Fischer
Finding Christ in the Midst of Doubt

People don't abandon faith because they have doubts. People abandon faith because they think they're not allowed to have doubts. Even as a pastor, Austin Fischer has experienced the shadows of doubt and disillusionment. Leaning into perennial questions about Christianity, he shows that doubt is no reason to leave the faith—instead, it's an invitation to a more honest faith.
99 Faith Like Potatoes Angus Buchan
The story of a farmer who risked everything for God

Angus Buchan is a straight-talking South African farmer of Scottish extraction. His abrupt conversion startled friends of the explosive hard-drinking man. Angus's bold faith has carried him through droughts, family tragedies and financial crisis. He has seen wonderful miracles of provision and healing. In obedience to God's call he started preaching, which led into a healing ministry. He has also set up an AIDS orphanage and a 500-seat auditorium on his land. Still a farmer, he is now an international evangelist, travelling through Africa in a refitted yellow fire engine, and filling the largest venues in South Africa. He has visited Scotland several times in recent years on speaking tours. In July 2006 he undertakes a UK-wide tour.
101 Fall of the Human Intellect, The A. Parthasarathy
The first title in an ordered series of nine written works by A. Parthasarathy, and recommended as a “first read” introduction to Vedanta philosophy. Stress, depression, disease in individuals and militancy, vandalism, terrorism in societies is threatening humanity with extinction. The book traces back the source of this impending disaster to the continual neglect of the human intellect. It highlights the fundamental difference between intelligence and intellect. Intelligence is acquired from schools and universities while the intellect is developed through one’s personal effort in thinking, reasoning, questioning before accepting anything. The book is designed to develop the intellect and save humanity from self-destruction.
102 Father Joe Tony Hendra
In 1955, 14-year-old Tony Hendra found himself entangled with a married Catholic woman. When the woman's husband learnt of their involvement, he whisked Tony off to see a priest and be saved. The priest was Father Joe. During the next 40 years, Tony's visits to Father Joe remained the one constant in his life.
103 Fear No Evil David Watson
One Man Deals with Terminal Illness
104 Fireside Book of David Hope 1974, the David Hope
105 First Easter, The Penny Frank

106 First Things Last Whatever Happened to Michael Green
107 Fistful of Buttercups, a Barbara Corbett
Glimpses Into a Country Childhood of the 1920's

Barbara Corbert grew up in the 1920s and 1930s on the banks of Dora Creek in the Lake Macquarie area of the Central Coast of NSW.
108 Footprints Margaret Fishback Powers
The True Story Behind the Poem That Inspired Millions

The True Story Behind the Poem That Inspired Millions.

"Footprints" has appeared in books and on plaques, cards,calendars and posters, and its inspiring message is treasured by millions all over the world. The poem was composed by Margaret Fishback, a young woman searching for direction at a crossroads in her life. In this inspiring story, the creation of the poem, its subsequent loss and its astonishing recovery are intertwined with a life full of challenge, adversity and joy. The result is a memorable offering of the heart and soul, giving spiritual and emotional renewal. In this new, beautiful hardcover edition, the author shares the story of the poem alongside extra material, including a personal update, readers' letters of how "Footprints" changed their lives, a selection of her other poetry and a series of interview questions in which she shares some important life lessons.
109 For a World Reconciled: justice statements Cynthia Coghill, Elenie Poulos
This single volume is a collection of all the major decisions and statements about matters of justice, peace and the environment adopted by the national council of the Uniting Church, the Assembly
110 For the Good of the Cause Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
111 Friend Indeed;: Warm thoughts on the Mary Loberg Walley
115 Friendship Book.of Francis Gay 1996, the Francis Gay
112 Friendship Book of Francis Fay 1993, the Francis Gay
113 Friendship Book of Francis Gay 1992, the Francis Gay
A heart warming anecdote or a wise word for each day of the year, while the striking colour photographs take readers on a magic carpet ride around our most attractive locations.
114 Friendship Book of Francis Gay1997, the Francis Gay
116 From the Edge of the Crowd James E. Sargent
Meditations for Lent

From the Edge of the Crowd will stir your imagination each day during Lent. Follow Eli, an initially wary disciple, as he recounts his impressions of Jesus in letters to a close friend. Jesus' stories and

healings come alive. Suggestions for reflection lead you to fresh encounters with scripture. Book jacket.
117 Future of the Global Church, the Patrick Johnstone
History, Trends and Possiblities

In The Future of the Global Church, Patrick Johnstone, author of six editions of the phenomenal prayer guide, Operation World, draws on his fifty years experience to present a breathtaking, full-color graphical and textual overview of the past, present and possible future of the church around the world.
118 Gathering Storm, The Jr. R. Albert Mohler
Secularism, Culture, and the Church

The president of Southern Seminary reveals how secularism has infiltrated every aspect of society and how Christians, equipped with the gospel of Jesus Christ, can meet it head on with hope, confidence, and steadfast conviction. A storm is coming. Western civilization and the Christian church stand at a moment of great danger. The storm is a battle of ideas that will determine the future of Western civilization and the soul of the Christian church. The forces we must fight are ideologies, policies, and worldviews that are deeply established among intellectual elites, the political class, and our schools. More menacingly, these ideas have also invaded the Christian church. From threats to religious liberty and redefinitions of marriage and family to attacks on the sacredness and dignity of human life, the perils faced by the West and the church are unprecedented. How should Christians respond to this challenge? The Gathering Storm provides the answer, addressing each dimension of culture and showing Christians how to give an answer for the hope that is within them and how to contend for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints.
119 General of God's Army Henry Gariepy
The Authorized Biography of General Eva Burrows
120 Generation in Peril, a Bill Newman
Today's Fight for Our Children
121 Getting Through the Tough Stuff Charles R. Swindoll
It's Always Something!

We live in a time when things are tough for a lot of folks. The boomers are beginning to feel anxiety as they move toward retirement. Many people are facing financial pressure and are up to their ears in debt. We are having to care for both our kids and our parents. The pace of life, and the demands of life, just keep getting more intense. And for many, these tough times bring life crises. This is a book of encouragement, hope and freedom... an invitation to meet Christ at the crossroads of our lives and move beyond the tough times.
122 Gifts of the Spirit Kenneth Cain Kinghorn
123 Go-Between God, the John V. Taylor
The Holy Spirit and the Christian Mission

In 1967 John V Taylor was invited to give the Cadbury Lectures in Theology at the University of Birmingham. The experience stimulated him to the extent he felt compelled to rewrite the original series of eight lectures, which now make up the chapters of The Go-Between God. This new edition contains a new Foreword by David Wood, John V. Taylor's great admirer. The Reverend Dr David Wood is Rector of Joondalup, Western Australia and the Anglican Chaplain to Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia.

129 God's Big Picture Vaughan Roberts
Sixty-six books, forty authors, written over nearly 2,000 years, in many different genres. A worldwide best-seller published in countless translations and languages. A book that has been sworn by in court, fought over, and quoted in arguments. Clearly, the Bible is no ordinary book. So how can we begin to read and understand the Bible as a whole? In this excellent overview, Vaughan Roberts paints the big picture, showing how the different parts of the Bible fit together under the theme of the kingdom of God. He offers us tools to read it with confidence, enthusiasm and understanding. Vaughan points us to the Bible's supreme subject, Jesus Christ, and the salvation God offers through him.
130 God's Marvellous Message Ron Potter
25 Studies for Individuals and Groups
131 God's Not Dead Rice Broocks
Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty

The Evidence Behind the Hit Movie The goal of God’s Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty is straightforward: to help readers develop “a faith that is real and credible—and strong enough to help others find faith in God.” To that end, Rice Broocks outlines a roadmap that guides seekers to acknowledge the most basic truths of Christianity: There is overwhelming and exciting evidence for God’s existence The God who exists is indeed the God of the Bible God has revealed his nature through his Son, Jesus Christ As shown during the movie, this is the original book on which the main character bases much of his debate points with the atheistic professor. Persuasive arguments crafted with tools borrowed from logic, science, and philosophy, as well as scripture, solidify the faith of the Christian reader and provide starting points for discussions with skeptics. With clear, easy-to-follow explanations of key concepts and controversies, God’s Not Dead is apologetics for the twenty-first century, presented in layman’s terms. Readers will be empowered not only to talk about their own faith with confidence but to lead others to a relationship with Jesus.
124 God Calling/God at Eventide A. J. Russell
Two Classic Devotionals, for Morning and Evening Reading

Find out why millions have read and loved God Calling for more than 70 years with this special edition that includes a devotional sequel, God at Eventide! This powerful volume combines two beloved books God Calling, the classic 365-day devotional that inspired today's blockbuster Jesus Calling, and God at Eventide, a companion book designed to be read before bedtime. Begin and end your day with the encouragement and challenge of God Calling and God at Eventide, written as if God Himself is speaking directly to you. You'll soon learn why so many people love these books!
126 God in Dispute Roger E. Olson
\"Conversations\" among Great Christian Thinkers

This volume creatively explores the history of Christian thought by imagining a series of twenty-nine dialogues and debates among key figures throughout church history. It traces the history of theology via such conversation partners as Augustine and Pelagius, Calvin and Arminius, Barth and Brunner, and Bultmann and Pannenberg. Each imagined dialogue includes a brief summary that introduces the figures under consideration, a more detailed assessment of the thinkers and theological issues presented, and a guide for further reading. This approach offers readers an entertaining, informative, and concise history of Christian thought.
127 God is Good for You Greg Sheridan
A defence of Christianity in troubled times

The Judeo-Christian tradition has created and underpinned the moral and legal fabric of Western civilisation for more than 2000 years, yet now we've reached a point in both Australia and many parts of the West where Christianity has become a minority faith rather than the mainstream belief. It's a situation that's fraught both for Christians and our wider society, where the moral certainties that were

the foundation of our institutions and laws are no longer held by the majority. At this point of crisis for faith, God is Good for You shows us why Christianity is so vital for our personal and social well-being, and how modern Christians have never worked so hard to make the world a better place at a time when their faith has never been less valued. It carries a vital torch for Christianity in a way that's closely argued, warmly human, good humoured yet passionate, and, above all, convincing.
128 God is Good for You Greg Sheridan
A defence of Christianity in troubled times

The Judeo-Christian tradition has created and underpinned the moral and legal fabric of Western civilisation for more than 2000 years, yet now we've reached a point in both Australia and many parts of the West where Christianity has become a minority faith rather than the mainstream belief. It's a situation that's fraught both for Christians and our wider society, where the moral certainties that were the foundation of our institutions and laws are no longer held by the majority. At this point of crisis for faith, God is Good for You shows us why Christianity is so vital for our personal and social well-being, and how modern Christians have never worked so hard to make the world a better place at a time when their faith has never been less valued. It carries a vital torch for Christianity in a way that's closely argued, warmly human, good humoured yet passionate, and, above all, convincing.
125 God Wants You Rich Florence Bulle
And Other Enticing Doctrines
132 Good or God?: Why Good Without God John Bevere
Why Good Without God Isn't Enough

These days the terms good and God seem synonymous. We believe what's generally accepted as good must be in line with God's will. Generosity, humility, justice: good. Selfishness, arrogance, cruelty: evil. The distinction seems pretty straightforward. But is that all there is to it? If good is so obvious, why does the Bible say that we need discernment to recognize it? Good or God? isn't another self-help message. This book will do more than ask you to change your behavior. It will empower you to engage with God on a level that will change every aspect of your life.
133 Gospel Mark: The New Daily Study Bible, William Barclay
134 Gospel of John, the William Barclay
Inspirational and insightful comments on this New Testament book are presented by a beloved Scottish preacher. Now with updated language.
135 Gospel of John: Volume 1, The William Barclay
136 Gospel of Luke, the William Barclay
The aim is to make the results of modern scholarship available to the non-technical reader to better understand the teaching of Jesus Christ.
138 Gospel of Matthew, Volume Two, the William Barclay
William Barclay (1907-1978) is known and loved by millions worldwide as one of the greatest Christian teachers of modern times. His insights into the New Testament, combined with his vibrant writing style, have delighted and enlightened readers of all ages for over half a century. He served for most of his life as Professor of Divinity at the University of Glasgow, and wrote more than fifty books--most of which are still in print today. His most popular work, the Daily Study Bible, has been translated into over a dozen languages and has sold more than ten million copies around the world.

137 Gospel of Matthew Volume One, The William Barclay
139 Grace Abounding John Bunyan
To the Chief of Sinners In a Faithful Account of the Life and Death of John Bunyan

\"Grace Abounding continues the tradition of Christian testimonial classics tracing back to the Confessions of Saint Augustine. John Bunyan?'s autobiography, written while he was imprisoned for holding unsanctioned religious services and first published in 1666, is the unsparing account of one man?'s spiritual journey from atheism and blasphemy to devout Christianity. A reckless and profane youth leads Bunyan to despair in the belief that he has committed unforgivable sins. But two religious books belonging to his wife set Bunyan on the straight and narrow and a lifetime of pious devotion. Honest and unblinking in his self-assessment, Bunyan saw it as his duty to tell his story, warts and all, in order to comfort all those struggling with their faith. This classic of religious literature continues to be essential reading for the faithful and for students of great English literature.English preacher and writer JOHN BUNYAN (1628 1688) is the author of nearly sixty books, nine of which were written while he was in prison for unlicensed preaching. His works include The Pilgrim?'s Progress (1678 84), The Life and Death of Mr. Badman (1680), and The Holy War (1682).\"
142 Greatest is Love, the Ken Taylor
140 Greatest Skits on Earth, the Wayne Rice
A collection of skits with a Christian message.
141 Greatest Words Ever Spoken, The Steven K. Scott
Everything Jesus Said About You, Your Life, and Everything Else

Every Word of Jesus Right at Your Fingertips Haven’t you wished you could ask Jesus any question and get his immediate help with the biggest problems you face? Now you can. For the first time ever, all of the statements Jesus made in the New Testament have been brought together and organized under more than 200 topics. When you want to know his will in a specific area of life, or you’re seeking the answer to a perplexing question, or you are desperate for his encouragement, comfort, or wisdom–you can easily find the help you need. The moment you turn to the appropriate topic heading, you will have access to the breadth of Jesus’ teaching on that subject. You can also use this book as a guide for studying Jesus’ wisdom on any topic of interest, such as prayer, forgiveness, eternity, anger, temptation, relationships, grace, or knowing God. As you immerse yourself in Jesus’ words, your life and relationships will be transformed, and your faith and spiritual passion will be renewed. Let the greatest words ever spoken bring new vision, power, and joy into your life–one statement at a time.
143 Growing Christians in Small Groups John Mallison
144 Guidance and the Voice of God Peter Jensen, Phillip D. Jensen, Tony Payne
An exploration of how God guides his people in their daily decisions.
145 Half The Sky Nicholas D. Kristof, Sheryl WuDunn
How to Change the World

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting team, husband and wife Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, take us on a journey through Africa and Asia to meet an extraordinary array of exceptional women struggling against terrible circumstances. More girls have been killed in the last fifty years, precisely because they are girls, than men were killed in all the wars of the twentieth century combined. More

girls are killed in this routine 'gendercide' in any one decade than people were slaughtered in all the genocides of the twentieth century. In the nineteenth century, the central moral challenge was slavery. In the twentieth, it was totalitarianism. In the twenty-first, Kristof and WuDunn demonstrate, it will be the struggle for gender equality in the developing world. Fierce, moral, pragmatic, full of amazing stories of courage and inspiration, HALF THE SKY is essential reading for every global citizen.
146 Handing Out Change Frank Cooney
147 Healing the Masculine Soul Gordon Dalbey
God's Restoration of Men to Real Manhood

In his groundbreaking book fifteen years ago, Gordon Dalbey identified the fact that men's souls have been torn between strength and sensitivity. Today, the situation is even worse. The politically correct crowd cries out for men to be more sensitive, to tame their masculine nature. On the opposing side, the media bombards men with \"macho\" images of violence and lust. Is it any wonder men are left bewildered about who they should be? In this newly revised and updated edition of Healing the Masculine Soul, Dalbey claims that there's hope for restoration, hope for healing-because Christ has come to heal us. God is calling men out to a relationship with Himself and calling them out to authentic manhood. \"Our task is not to curse our manhood, but to redeem it,\" he writes. Gordon Dalbey's refreshing, comprehensive picture of God's design for the masculine soul dares men to be as God created them to be-not as society demands. Dalbey tackles the tough issues, including work, sexuality, marriage, and fatherhood. Book includes Study Guide.
148 Heaven?: Where Did You Get That Idea? bill medley
The most relevant evangelistic challenge of our times is that unbelievers already believe in heaven! When anyone dies, "They are up there smiling down on us!" But where did they get that idea? This book investigates the sources and shows that whether people realise it or not their idea of heaven actually comes from the teaching of Jesus. So the need is - "check with the owner of the place before you presume you have your room booked". If Jesus is not real then neither is heaven. If heaven is real then you need Jesus to get there.
Surveys have shown that most people in the western world believe in the idea of heaven - but where did the idea come from? Many who believe in heaven don't know the answer to that, which suggests to the sceptic that the concept of heaven is nothing more than wishful thinking. Did the idea of heaven develop through near death experiences? Is there some consensus from the different world religions? '...I've seen better. Some of the grammar and punctuation was quite poor. Where did this guy go to school? It can't have been a Catholic school. Don't they have spell checks down in Australia? Burka is spelt with a "q"'!' Pope Previous 'There were times reading this book when I wished I really was dead. And other times when I just wanted to say to the author, "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog."' Elvis Presley
150 Helper, the Catherine Marshall
After an intense study of the Holy Spirit, Catherine Marshall wrote The Helper, detailing lessons she learned by living them out. She offers forty inspirational "helps," or readings, that contain Scripture, a prayer, and insight into the provocative third person of the Godhead. Also included are the answers Marshall discovered to questions like: Who is the Helper?  How do I experience the Helper's presence?  How does the Helper meet everyday needs?  What is the Helper's role and function in the Church? The forty "helps" are ideal as a devotional guide for the forty days of Lent and for group or individual study. Just as the power of the Holy Spirit is needed every day to help us cope with the problems and complexities of life, so The Helper is a book for all seasons, with total sales of more than 1.2 million.
151 Helping The World to See Kristine Robertson

149 Help Your Church Change - Seven Strategic Mark Conner
Seven Strategic Shifts to Help You Successfully Navigate the 21st Century

If there was ever a need for a healthy, relevant and dynamic churches to emerge, it's right now In today's culture of constant change, how is it possible for a church to remain relevant and effective? In this book, Mark Conner reveals seven strategic shifts that every church must make in order to be effective in the 21st century. These principles will help your church play a vital role in extending the kingdom of God to impact communities, cities and nations for his glory.
152 Holding Out for a Hero: A New Spin on Lisa Harper
A New Spin on Hebrews

Holding Out for a Hero is the first in a series of book studies by emerging author Lisa Harper. Throughout the study, Lisa guides readers along the road to a more complete understanding of Hebrews as she discusses such timeless themes as trusting God in tough times, holding onto hope when life is hard, and the importance of running toward God when you feel like running away. This study helps readers understand what life was like for a Jewish Christian during the first century and parallels that to our own trials today. The book also features an interactive DVD in which Lisa leads a group of women through the study and addresses the reader personally.
153 Hope in the Face of Death
154 House on the Rock, the Jane R. Latourette
155 How Can I Find Healing? Canon J. Glennon, Jim Glennon
Guidelines for Sick and Worried People
157 How to be Happy Though Rich Peter J. Daniels
A Book Every Poor Person Should Read!
158 How to start lay-shepherding ministries Charles A. Ver Straten
156 How to Talk about Jesus (Without Being Sam Chan
Personal Evangelism in a Skeptical World

Most Christians know they should be trying to tell their friends and family about Jesus. But in a post-Christendom world, personal evangelism is viewed negatively--it's offensive, inappropriate, and insensitive. Recent studies confirm that the majority of Christians rarely evangelize, worried they might offend their family or lose their friends. In How to Talk About Jesus (Without Being That Guy), author Sam Chan equips everyday Christians who are reluctant and nervous to tell their friends about Jesus with practical, tested ways of sharing their faith in the least awkward ways possible. Drawing from over two decades of experience as an evangelist, teacher, and pastor, Chan explains why personal evangelism feels so awkward today. And utilizing recent insights from communication theory, cross-cultural ministry, and apologetics, he helps you build confidence in sharing your faith, and teaches you how to evangelize your friends and family in socially appropriate ways.
159 Humble Apologetics John Gordon Stackhouse
Defending the Faith Today

Publisher description: Is it still possible, in an age of religious and cultural pluralism, to engage in

Christian apologetics? How can one urge one's faith on others when such a gesture is typically regarded with suspicion, if not outright resentment? In Humble Apologetics John G. Stackhouse brings his wide experience as a historian, philosopher, journalist, and theologian to these important questions and offers surprising--and reassuring--answers. Stackhouse begins by acknowledging the real impediments to Christian testimony in North America today and to other faiths in modern societies around the world. He shows how pluralism, postmodernism, skepticism about our ability to know the truth, and a host of other factors create a cultural milieu resistant to the Christian message. And he shows how the arrogance or dogmatism of apologists themselves can alienate rather than attract potential converts. Indeed, Stackhouse argues that the crucial experience of conversion cannot be compelled; all the apologist can do is lead another to the point where an actual encounter with Jesus can take place. \"Our objective,\" Stackhouse writes, \"is to offer whatever assistance we can to our neighbors toward their full maturity: toward full health in themselves and in their relationships, and especially toward God.\" In the last part of the book, he shows how an attitude of humility, instead of merely trying to win religious arguments, will help believers offer their neighbors the gift of Christ's love. Drawing on the author's personal experience and written with an engaging directness and humility, Humble Apologetics provides sound guidance on how to share Christian faith in a postmodern world.
160 Hunger for Depth and Meaning: Learning to Peter Ng
161 Hurlbut's Story of the Bible for Young and Jesse Lyman Hurlbut
A Continuous Narrative of the Scriptures Told in One Hundred Sixty-eight Stories
162 I'm no hero (A Regal venture book) Ethel Barrett
163 If God Made the Universe, Who Made God?: Anonymous
130 Arguments for Christian Faith

Perhaps you remember being in a university class, feeling frustrated when the respected professor dismissed questions from a student because of her religious faith. Or maybe over a business lunch one of your colleagues referred to Christianity as a fairtytale, and you said nothing. Many Christians find themselves in such situations but don’t speak up because they don’t fully realize the strength of their own position. They feel incapable of giving reasons for the hope that is theirs. Christian apologetics is the discipline and growing body of knowledge that equips believers to address their own doubts, to converse with seekers and critics from a position of strength, and to bear witness to Christ with confidence. In the spirit of the title question, If God Made the Universe, Who Made God? collects 130 essays written in defense of the Christian faith. Contributors include some of the pre-eminent apologists of our time, from Lee Strobel and Charles Colson to Hank Hanegraaff, J. P. Moreland, and Ravi Zacharias. The content is grouped into ten topics: Apologetics: Introductory Issues Jesus Christ Science and Faith Cults and World Religions The Existence of God Ethics Theology The Scriptures Heaven and Hell Evangelism
164 Illustrated Guide to the Bible J. R. Porter
Originally published: New York: Oxford University Press, 1995.
165 In Defense of Jesus Lee Strobel
Investigating Attacks on the Identity of Christ

Has modern scholarship debunked the traditional Christ? Has the church suppressed the truth about Jesus to advance its own agenda? What if the real Jesus is far different from the atoning Savior worshipped through the centuries? In Defense of Jesus, the follow up to the bestselling book Case for Christ, former award-winning legal editor Lee Strobel explores such hot-button questions as: Did the church suppress ancient non-biblical documents that paint a more accurate picture of Jesus than the

four Gospels? Did the church distort the truth about Jesus by tampering with early New Testament texts? Do new insights and explanations disprove the resurrection? Have fresh arguments disqualified Jesus from being the Messiah? Did Christianity steal its core ideas from earlier mythology? Evaluate the arguments and evidence being advanced by prominent atheists, liberal theologians, Muslim scholars, and others. Sift through expert testimony. Then reach your own verdict with In Defense of Jesus.
166 In the Grip of Grace - Max Lucado
Your Father Always Caught You. He Still Does.

Get caught! Life is full of fumbles and stumbles. Fraught with opportunities to make mistakes, occasions to feel guilty, and the drive to “do it yourself.” The pressure to be self-sufficient is high, but it isn’t the life God offers. The way of the world will direct you to try harder and work smarter so that you can take care of yourself and even make yourself successful. But the way of the cross will point toward the place where you stop striving . . . stop pushing . . . stop every self-initiated effort—so that you can fall into the boundless, liberating, refreshing grace of God! Just imagine being love-driven instead of self-propelled. Imagine abandoning your life to Jesus instead of trying to save yourself. Can you imagine exchanging your fears for that peace that passes understanding? Being relaxed and free instead of stressed-out and anxious? If you can imagine enjoying God instead of trying to repay him, then you can imagine grace. So go ahead! Jump off the cliff of self-sufficiency. Leap out of legalism. Walk off the pier of guilt and condemnation. That’s the only way you’ll land in the strong arms of the Father who loves you . . . the Father who catches you—every time—in the grip of his grace.
167 Introducing the Uniting Church in Australia Paul campbell
168 Investigating Jesus: An Historian's Quest John Dickson
An Historian's Quest

How much can we really know about Jesus of Nazareth? How reliable are the Gospels and other sources and how widely have historians and theologians agreed on them? And how much does the historical record really matter? In this popular illustrated book, Australian scholar and TV documentary presenter, John Dickson, sets out to answer these questions. By reviewing ancient evidence, interviewing leading experts and setting out a robust historical method, he establishes clearly the reliability or unreliability of different sources, interpretations and arguments. Christianity prides itself on being an historical religion. John Dickson subjects this to very close scrutiny and shows both how vital this is and yet how different Jesus was from the way he is so often portrayed today.
169 Irresistible Revolution, the Shane Claiborne
Living As an Ordinary Radical

Living as an Ordinary Radical Many of us find ourselves caught somewhere between unbelieving activists and inactive believers. We can write a check to feed starving children or hold signs in the streets and feel like we've made a difference without ever encountering the faces of the suffering masses. In this book, Shane Claiborne describes an authentic faith rooted in belief, action, and love, inviting us into a movement of the Spirit that begins inside each of us and extends into a broken world. Shane's faith led him to dress the wounds of lepers with Mother Teresa, visit families in Iraq amidst bombings, and dump $10,000 in coins and bills on Wall Street to redistribute wealth. Shane lives out this revolution each day in his local neighborhood, an impoverished community in North Philadelphia, by living among the homeless, helping local kids with homework, and ''practicing resurrection'' in the forgotten places of our world. Shane's message will comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable . . . but will also invite us into an irresistible revolution. His is a vision for ordinary radicals ready to change the world with little acts of love.
170 Is Anyone There? David Watson

171 Is Religion Dangerous? Keith Ward
Many commentators today claim that religion is dangerous and harmful. In addressing this question, Keith Ward begins by defining what religion actually is and how most human harm has been caused. He then looks at why people say that religion is dangerous, focusing particularly on religious wars and conflicts and on specific attacks on religion, such as the claims that God is wrathful, that religion is intolerant, that religious morality is primitive and cruel. Keith Ward argues that religion produces great good - for example, in terms of hospitals, the abolition of slavery, great art and music, moral heroism, and philosophy and science. Religion, he concludes, is the best rational basis for morality.
172 Is Religion Irrational? Keith Ward
If the New Atheists are to be believed, religious belief is not only dangerous and irrational, but just plain stupid. With increasingly intolerant polemic they are dismissing the views of religious people, and misconstruing them in the process. In this book, Keith Ward debunks the notion that rationality and intelligence are incompatible with belief in God, going through some of the main criticisms raised by the New Atheists (and their predecessors), for example: - Does God cause evil? - Is the universe intelligently designed? - Is God free? This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the current cultural war between atheism and belief.
173 It's Not About Me Max Lucado
Rescue From the Life We Thought Would Make Us Happy

There really is more to this life than you've been told. We've been demanding our way since day one ... \"I want a spouse that makes me happy and coworkers that always ask my opinion.\" \"I want weather that suits me and traffic that helps me and government that serves me.\" Self-promotion. Self-preservation. Self-centeredness ... \"It's all about me.\" They all told us it was, didn't they? And we took them up on it. We thought self-celebration would make us happy ... But believing that has created chaos -- noisy homes, stress-filled businesses, cutthroat relationships. We've chased so many skinny rabbits, says Max Lucado, that we've missed the fat one: the God-centered life. If you want to shift into high gear with purpose, this is it: life makes sense when we accept our place! Our pleasures, our problems, our gifts and talents ... when they're all for the One who created us, we suddenly gain what we've been missing and find what we've been seeking. Let Max Lucado show you how to make the shift of a lifetime. How to bump your life off self-center. How to be changed and experience the meaning-charged life you were meant to have. Your discovery starts here.
174 Jesus Among Secular Gods: The Ravi Zacharias
177 Jesus by the Sea of Galilee Basilea Schlink
175 Jesus Christ For Today William Barclay
176 Jesus I Never Knew, the Philip Yancey
There is no writer in the evangelical world that I admire and appreciate more.Philip Yancey helps reveal what two thousand years of history covered upWhat happens when a respected Christian journalist decides to put his preconceptions aside and take a long look at the Jesus described in the Gospels? How does the Jesus of the New Testament compare to the new, rediscovered Jesus or even the Jesus we think we know so well? Philip Yancey offers a new and different perspective on the life of Christ and his work, his teachings, his miracles, his death and resurrection and ultimately, who he was and why he came. From the manger in Bethlehem to the cross in Jerusalem, Yancey presents a complex character who generates questions as well as answers; a disturbing and exhilarating Jesus who wants to radically transform your life and stretch your faith.The Jesus I Never Knew uncovers a Jesus who is brilliant, creative, challenging, fearless, compassionate, unpredictable, and ultimately

satisfying. No one who meets Jesus ever stays the same, says Yancey. Jesus has rocked my own preconceptions and has made me ask hard questions about why those of us who bear his name don't do a better job of following him.
178 Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach
Because he spends so much time perfecting his flying form instead of concentrating on getting food, a seagull is ostracized by the rest of the flock.
179 Journey, the Billy Graham
Living by Faith in an Uncertain World

In this culminating work of a lifetime, the remarkable Billy Graham invites you to join him in discovering God's plan for this exciting journey called life. Wherever you are in your journey-just beginning, at the middle, or near the end-you've already learned that life offers a variety of paths. The good news is that we aren't alone, says Graham. Not only did God carve out the path for us, but He wants to join us on the journey to help us with challenges along the way, and eventually lead us home. This magnum opus from Billy Graham, seasoned with many personal stories from his own life, offers wisdom, encouragement, hope, and inspiration for anyone who wants to make the most of The Journey.
180 Justice Project (ēmersion: Emergent Village Ashley Bunting Seeber, Brian McLaren, Elisa Padilla
Justice and the call for change are in the air. Whether it's extreme poverty, human rights, racism, or the Middle East, news outlets bombard us with stories about the need for justice in the world. But how are Christians to respond to these stories and the conditions to which they refer? Here's help. Editors Brian McLaren, Elisa Padilla, and Ashley Bunting Seeber have amassed a collection of over 30 brief chapters by some of the most penetrating thinkers in the justice conversation, including René Padilla, Peggy Campolo, Will and Lisa Samson, Sylvia Keesmaat, Bart Campolo, Lynne Hybels, Tony Jones, and Richard Twiss. Divided into sections, \"God of Justice,\" \"Book of Justice,\" \"Justice in the USA,\" \"Just World,\" and \"Just Church,\" The Justice Project invites readers to deepen their understanding of the pressures our world faces and to take up the challenge of alleviating them. Never has the world been in greater need of Christians who \"do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.\" This resource will help them do just that.
181 Land Rights Derek Carne
A Christian Perspective

A Social Justice Resource Book

Prepared for the Churches' task Force on Aboriginal Land Rights
Established by Australian Council of Churches
Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace
182 Language of God, the Francis S. Collins
A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief

A head of the Human Genome Project and former atheist presents a scientific argument for the existence of God, revealing how science can support faith by citing the areas of nature that can and cannot be fully explained by Darwinian evolution, and sharing a tour of the genome to demonstrate how it reflects God's purposes. 75,000 first printing.
183 Last Week: What the Gospels Really Teach Marcus J. Borg
184 Lay Witness Teams

185 Leadership Neil B. Wiseman
A Leadership Development Strategy for Church Growth

This strategy manual for church growth will help you createblueprints for your church's successful expansion.
186 Learning to Trust bernie may
187 Led by the Spirit Lenten Studies in Luke's Robert Bos
188 Letters to Young Churches John Bertram Phillips
A Translation of the New Testament Epistles
189 Life and Letters of Paul, the Pat Alexander
190 Life at Its Best Eugene H. Peterson
A Guidebook for the Pilgrim Life

A trilogy combining three popular books, The Gift, The Journey, and The Quest in one volume. Life at Its Best combines the full contents of Eugene Peterson's three previous books, all of which display his accessible approach to challenging subject matter and his inspirational outlook on the Christian life. THE GIFT: In this deceptively simple, extraordinarily powerful book Peterson cuts through the social and religious conventions that have attached themselves to our understanding of Christian ministry and speaks words of wisdom and encouragement to those caught up in the busyness of church life. THE JOURNEY: The pilgrim life leads us to God, but it goes against the stream of the world's hurried ways; we need to look elsewhere for encouragement and sustenance on the journey. Peterson explores the 15 psalms, known as the Song of Ascent, used by Hebrew pilgrims as they journeyed to Jerusalem for the great worship festivals. THE QUEST: Peterson uses the book of Jeremiah to inspire a wide-ranging analysis of the human spiritual condition. For those who choose to live courageously rather than cautiously, The Quest paints a vivid picture of a practical and authentic spirituality for everyday living.
191 Lion Book of 1000 Prayers for Children, The Lois Rock
Collects one thousand prayers from the Bible and other sources, as well as originals by the author, organized by theme and occasion.
192 Listen to the children
193 Living Positively One Day at a Time Robert H. Schuller
Here is Dr. Schuller's daily devotional with a page for every day of the year. There is a Bible passage to be read, a verse to be memorized, a thought to be pondered, and a brief message from Schuller to stimulate and motivate the reader to live a life of greater service. 50% discount.
194 Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson reveals her hilarious anti-aging remedy. \"They say the best way to grow old is not to be in a hurry about it?and Lord knows, I've put it off for as long as I could,\" says Barbara. But old age happens without any effort on our part. If you're alive, you're getting older. So what happens when you find yourself between menopause and LARGE PRINT? This best-selling author offers a delightful recipe for living life to the fullest in your later years and spices it with loads of laughter. She shows how

she came to her own decision to age ferociously instead of gracefully. Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death is a lighthearted and encouraging book on the joys and problems of growing older. You'll laugh at Barbara Johnson's zany insights on aging. From savoring the \"here and now\" to preparing for our glorious future in heaven, Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death is your wise and witty guide to the joys and challenges of aging gleefully.
195 Living the Seven Habits; Stories of Courage Stephen Covey
196 Long Obedience in the Same Direction, A Eugene H. Peterson
Discipleship in an Instant Society

Since Eugene Peterson first wrote this spiritual formation classic nearly forty years ago, hundreds of thousands of Christians have been inspired by Peterson's prophetic and pastoral wisdom and the call to deeper discipleship found in the Songs of Ascents (Psalms 120-134). This special commemorative edition includes a new preface taken from Leif Peterson's eulogy at his father's memorial service.
197 Long Tragedy: Australian Evangelical Robert D. Linder
198 Lord, Change Me Evelyn Carol Christenson, Viola Blake
HOW TO BECOME THE CHRISTIAN YOU REALLY WANT TO BE Evelyn Christenson writes, \"I have discovered through the years that surprising things happen when I pray, 'Lord, change me--don't change my husband, don't change my children, don't change my pastor, change me!, . . . More and more the fact comes into focus that they, and not I, are responsible before God for their actions. But I am responsible for the changes that need to be made in me.\" Eveyn's fourteen-month spiritual adventure in learning how God changes people became the exciting story of this book. First published in 1977, \"Lord, Change Me!\" has surpassed one million copies in print and continues to help a new generation of Christian women--and men--experience the spiritual transformation God commands in Romans 12:2. \"Lord, Change Me!\" outlines seven methods of real, inside-out change as well as ways to check to be sure it is God who is doing the changing. And woven throughout are Evelyn's wonderfully transparent accounts of how God aught her and her loved ones these nuggets of truth.
199 Lotus and the Cross, The Ravi Zacharias
Jesus Talks with Buddha

Popular scholar Ravi Zacharias sets a captivating scene between Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha in the first book of the Conversations with Jesus series. Have you ever wondered what Jesus would say to Mohammed? Or Buddha? Or Oscar Wilde? Maybe you have a friend who practices another religion or admires a more contemporary figure. Drop in on a conversation between Jesus and some well-known individuals whose search for the meaning of life took them in many directions--and influenced millions. Through dialogue between Christ and Gautama Buddha, Zacharias reveals Jesus' warm, impassioned concern for all people and explores God's true nature.
200 Making Disciples Alan Walker
201 Making God Famous Mal Fletcher
Equipping Christians for Influence in a Post-Modern World

Few things have proven more effective in expanding our hearts and minds and drawing us closer to God than quiet reflection and the study of God's Word. He gave this revelation of Himself in sixtysix unique books but often we turn to the more familiar passages and avoid the more difficult or complex ones.The Light To My Path commentaries will open up the whole Bible in a way that is understandable practical and downtoearth. More than just an academic study aid the Light To My Path commentaries

are devotional guides of God's revelation of Himself in the Bible. Light To My Path commentaries are designed to be used in personal worship study and devotional time. Questions to consider and points for prayer included at the end of each chapter make each book relevant to life today and are useful discussion starters for group studies. As you ponder the message of each book you will find your heart and mind drawn toward God in worship.
202 Making God Famous: Equipping Christians mal fletcher
Few things have proven more effective in expanding our hearts and minds and drawing us closer to God than quiet reflection and the study of Godrsquo;s Word. He gave this revelation of Himself in sixtysix unique books but often we turn to the more familiar passages and avoid the more difficult or complex ones.The Light To My Path commentaries will open up the whole Bible in a way that is understandable practical and downtoearth. More than just an academic study aid the Light To My Path commentaries are devotional guides of Godrsquo;s revelation of Himself in the Bible. Light To My Path commentaries are designed to be used in personal worship study and devotional time. Questions to consider and points for prayer included at the end of each chapter make each book relevant to life today and are useful discussion starters for group studies. As you ponder the message of each book you will find your heart and mind drawn toward God in worship.
203 Making Men Whole
204 Many-sided Cross of jesus, the Alan Walker
205 Martin Luther Eric Metaxas
The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World

On All Hallow's Eve in 1517, a young monk named Martin Luther posted a document he hoped would spark an academic debate, but that instead ignited a conflagration that would forever destroy the world he knew. Five hundred years after Luther's Ninety-five Theses appeared, Eric Metaxas paints a startling portrait of the wild figure whose adamantine faith cracked the edifice of Western Christendom and dragged medieval Europe into the future. Luther's monumental faith and courage gave birth to the ideals of liberty, equality, and individualism that today lie at the heart of western life.
206 Masks of Melancholy, the John White
A Christian Psychiatrist Looks at Depression and Suicide
207 Maximized Manhood Edwin Louis Cole
A Guide to Family Survival

Maximize your life, as millions of men have worldwide, by studying the Christian classic, Maximized Manhood! Edwin Louis Cole, the father of the Christian men's movement, spoke with a prophetic voice to men. Just months before leaving earth for Heaven, he revised his signature work, adding five crucial chapters he believed would strengthen Maximized Manhood for the next generation.
208 Meditation and Studies for Lent and Other Gerard Mulston
209 Meeting God at Every Turn: A Personal Catherine Marshall
Is there a God who cares about me? Will he show me the right thing to do? Will he forgive and heal me? In Meeting God at Every Turn, Catherine Marshall gives readers a resounding Yes! to these questions and more as she describes how she met God at the confusing, troubled, and scary points in her life. The twelve turnings that Marshall describes are the type of events that shape a person: growing up, love and marriage, facing death, making a living, starting over in relationships and

business, and more. Meeting God at Every Turn tells what happened each time Catherine turned a corner-how she surprisingly encountered grace. It's her story, but every reader's too. Thirteen pages of family photographs are included.
210 Men Navigating Midlife: The Perfect Guide Robyn Vickers-Willis
211 Messy Church Lucy Moore
Fresh ideas for building a Christ-centred community

Messy Church is a fun way for people of all ages to frame a church community outside regular Sunday worship. There are stories, prayers, and singing, but there are also crafts using unusual materials—and they can be messy! And there’s food—a meal to share with your whole family—and it can be messy! Make new friends, have fun, and experience a new kind of Christian community on the messy edges. This special edition has been updated to reflect Canadian vocabulary and settings.
212 Messy Easter Jane Leadbetter
3 Complete Sessions and a Treasure Trove of Craft Ideas for Lent, Easter and Pentecost

Three complete sessions for Lent, Holy Week and Easter, together with a wealth of activities to extend the range of excitingly messy activities for your Messy Church - creative prayers, games, food crafts, and ideas for organising an Easter trail. Craft templates and a session planning grid are included.
213 Mind of St Paul, the William Barclay
This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true to the original work as possible. Therefore, you will see the original copyright references, library stamps (as most of these works have been housed in our most important libraries around the world), and other notations in the work. This work is in the public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within the United States, you may freely copy and distribute this work, as no entity (individual or corporate) has a copyright on the body of the work.As a reproduction of a historical artifact, this work may contain missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. Scholars believe, and we concur, that this work is important enough to be preserved, reproduced, and made generally available to the public. We appreciate your support of the preservation process, and thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant.
214 Minute Meditations for Each Day Rev. Bede Naegele
This very attractive book offers a short Scripture text, a practical reflection, and a meaningful prayer for each day of the year. Illustrated and printed in two colors. Includes ribbon marker.
215 More Little Visits with God Allan Hart Jahsmann, Martin Paul William Simon
Devotions for Families with Young Children

A collection of more than 150 devotions on such topics as daily activities, the Ten Commandments, and holidays. Includes interactive discussion questions, Bible verses, and prayers.
216 More Prayers for Women Rita Frances Snowden
217 More Than a Carpenter Josh McDowell, Sean McDowell
His Story Might Change Yours

Josh McDowell's timeless examination of the true nature of Christ and his impact on our lives is one of the bestselling Christian books ever (more than eight million copies in print worldwide!) As a college student, Josh McDowell thought Christians must be \"out of their minds\". He put them down and

argued against their faith. But eventually he saw that his arguments wouldn't stand up, that Jesus really was God in human flesh. Josh became a speaker on college and university campuses, challenging those who were just as skeptical as he had been. Here Josh focuses upon the person who changed his life - Jesus Christ. A hard-headed book for people who are sceptical about Jesus' deity, his resurrection, and his claims on their lives. 128 pages, from Living Books.
218 Multiple Staff and the Larger Church, the Lyle E. Schaller
Larger churches are different--in expectations, in performance, in staffing, and in use of lay volunteers. Their unique differences require special handling. And that's what this first-of-its-kind book is all about. Expert Lyle Schaller helps the leaders of larger churches understand the special characteristics of these churches and helps members of multiple staffs see their role and the context of that role more clearly. Schaller fully describes the differences that mark the larger church of 700 to 1,000 or more members. He discusses the many alternatives of staffing: part-time vs. full-time, use of more volunteers, and the many duties that can be carried out by these staff members. Special emphasis is given to the role of the senior minister, the role of the associate minister, and to their relationship with one another. Since one-sixth of all congregations account for nearly half the total members of all churches in the United States, that one-sixth actually sets the pace for the religious life of the nation. The need for specialized help is imperative, and Lyle Schaller has provided that help in this important and useful book.
219 My Father Is the Gardener Colin Urquhart
220 Mysteries of the Bible Reader's Digest Association
Considers Biblical mysteries such as enigmas of time, miracles, lost cities, strange gods, and ancient customs
221 Narrow Road to the Deep North, the Richard Flanagan
Winner of the Man Booker Prize 2014. A novel of the cruelty of war, tenuousness of life and the impossibility of love. August, 1943. In the despair of a Japanese POW camp on the Thai-Burma death railway, Australian surgeon Dorrigo Evans is haunted by his love affair with his uncle's young wife two years earlier. Struggling to save the men under his command from starvation, from cholera, from beatings, he receives a letter that will change his life forever. This savagely beautiful novel is a story about the many forms of love and death, of war and truth, as one man comes of age, prospers, only to discover all that he has lost. 'The Narrow Road to the Deep North is a big, magnificent novel of passion and horror and tragic irony. Its scope, its themes and its people all seem to grow richer and deeper in significance with the progress of the story, as it moves to its extraordinary resolution. It's by far the best new novel I've read in ages.' - Patrick McGrath 'Magnificent.' -- Michael Gorra, The New York Times 'Beyond comparison . . . an immense achievement . . . Wilfred Owen wrote of his Great War verse: \"My subject is war, and the pity of war. The poetry is in the pity.\" Flanagan's triumph is to find poetry without any pity at all.' - Geordie Williamson, The Australian 'A story of war and star-crossed lovers, the novel is also a profound meditation on life and time, memory and forgetting . . . a magnificent achievement.' - Katharine England, Adelaide Advertiser 'A masterpiece . . . The Narrow Road is an extraordinary piece of writing and a high point in an already distinguished career.' - Michael Williams, The Guardian
222 New Compact Bible Dictionary, the Al Bryant
This Bible dictionary is a readable fact and picture-filled guide to the arts, cultures, geography, geology, theologies, philosophies and life styles of Biblical times. It also vividly illuminates and enriches individual understanding of the greatest stories ever told.
223 New Every Morning Philip E. Howard Jr.

224 No God but One: Allah or Jesus? (with Nabeel Qureshi
A Former Muslim Investigates the Evidence for Islam and Christianity

BONUS: This eBook includes downloadable videos and a Q&A with Nabeel Qureshi that are not found in the print edition. Having shared his journey of faith in the New York Times bestselling Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Qureshi now examines Islam and Christianity in detail, exploring areas of crucial conflict and unpacking the relevant evidence. In this anticipated follow-up book, Nabeel reveals what he discovered in the decade following his conversion, providing a thorough and careful comparison of the evidence for Islam and Christianity--evidence that wrenched his heart and transformed his life. In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Qureshi recounted his dramatic journey, describing his departure from Islam and his decision to follow Christ. In the years that followed, he realized that the world’s two largest religions are far more different than they initially appeared. No God but One: Allah or Jesus? addresses the most important questions at the interface of Islam and Christianity: How do the two religions differ? Are the differences significant? Can we be confident that either Christianity or Islam is true? And most important, is it worth sacrificing everything for the truth? Nabeel shares stories from his life and ministry, casts new light on current events, and explores pivotal incidents in the histories of both religions, providing a resource that is gripping and thought-provoking, respectful and challenging. Both Islam and Christianity teach that there is No God but One, but who deserves to be worshiped, Allah or Jesus? This eBook includes the full text of the book plus bonus content not found in the softcover! Bonuses include a Q&A with Nabeel Qureshi and downloadable videos that answer important questions about Islam and Christianity. Please note that some e-reader devices do not accommodate video play. You can still access the bonus videos by copying the web address provided into an internet browser on a device or computer that accommodates video content.
225 Normal Christian Life, The Watchman Nee
The Normal Christian Life is Watchman Nee’s great Christian classic unfolding the central theme of “Christ our Life.” Starting from key passages in Romans, Nee reveals the secret of spiritual vitality that should be the normal experience of every Christian. His emphasis on the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ contains fresh insights that have proven a blessing to many.
227 Not All Roads Lead to Heaven Dr. Robert Jeffress
Sharing an Exclusive Jesus in an Inclusive World

Almost 60 percent of those in American evangelical churches believe that many religions can lead to eternal life. But if Jesus is to be trusted when he says that no one comes to the Father except through him, the church is failing in its mission. And it's not hard to guess why. An exclusive Jesus just isn't popular in our inclusive world. Dr. Robert Jeffress calls on Christians to recover the exclusive claims of the one they claim as Lord and Savior, not as a way to keep people out of heaven but as the only way to invite them in. He tackles questions like - Can people be saved who have never heard of Christ? - What about those who worship God by another name? - Do children automatically go to Heaven when they die? True compassion for non-Christians doesn't lie in letting them go their way while we go ours, but in sharing the only true way with them.
226 Not A Safe God: Wrestling with the Difficult Tim Riter
Wrestling with the Difficult Teachings of Jesus

Explores Jesus' difficult teaching including rejoicing in suffering, not worrying about anything, giving up one's family to follow Him, and more.
230 Nothing More to be Done Ruth Tracey
228 Not My Will Andrew Murray

229 Not Religion but Love Dave Andrews
Practicing a Radical Spirituality of Compassion

In his acclaimed book In his acclaimed book Christi-Anarchy, Dave Andrews explored the ugly ruins of Christian history, and outlined the radical vision of Jesus for personal and community renewal. In Not Religion but Love he shows how that vision can become a reality. With poignant, real-life stories drawn form his Brisbane backyard, Dave Andrews gives us a practical guide to working out Jesus' agenda for love and justice in our own lives and neighborhoods. Complete with group exercises and an ample collection of extra resources for study, Not Religion but Love is a book to read at your own risk: it might change your life.
231 Old Testament for Modern Explorers Roland Wilson
233 One Human Family Carl Wieland
The Bible, Science, Race and Culture

"A wide-raning ... exploration of our diverse humanity.
234 One People
235 One Rung from the Top bishop ralph wicks
232 On History's Coattails Michael Henderson
236 Open House Volume 1 Sheridan Voysey
237 Out of the Black Shadows Anne Coomes, Stephen Lungu
The Amazing Transformation of Stephen Lungu

Stephen Lungu was the oldest son of a teenage mother, married off by her parents to a much older man and living near Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). When he was three his mother ran away, leaving him and his younger brother and sister in the reluctant care of an aunt. By 11 Stephen too had run away, preferring life on the streets. He slept under bridges and scavenged from white folks' dustbins. As a teenager he was recruited into an urban gangs, the Black Shadows, which burgled and mugged with a half-focused dream of revolution. When an evangelist came to town, Stephen was sent to fire bomb the event, carrying his bag of bombs and mingling with the crowd. Instead he stayed to listen ... Today Stephen is Africa's Billy Graham, an international evangelist who regularly speaks in UK, US and Europe.
238 Painting the Word John Drury
Christian Pictures and Their Meanings

In this beautifully written book, Drury, an Anglican priest and theologian, looks at religious paintings through the ages and presents them in a fresh way--as works filled with passion, stories, and meaning. 100 illustrations, 70 in color.

239 Passed Thru Fire Rick Bundschuh
The author, a youth expert, offers keen insights on the role of the church--and especially Christian men--in bringing boys to manhood. Here, Bundschuh offers practical ideas for making the church a place where boys want to be and for establishing a Christian rite of passage to guide them into godly manhood.
240 Patchwork Pilgrimage, The Andrew Liddell, Jill Liddell
How to Create Vibrant Church Decorations and Vestments with Quilting Techniques

Provides complete instructions for making patchwork vestments and quilted church decorations, featuring designs from around the world
241 Penny Is Everything Walter Wangerin Jr.
242 Personal Messages from Jesus Marie E Page
243 Peter: Learning to Be Like Jesus : 12
244 Plant a Geranium in Your Cranium Barbara Johnson
Best-selling humorist Barbara Johnson is back - and getting back to her roots - with a candid look at life and discovering joy in the midst of trials, including her own unexpected battle with cancer. Using excerpts from inspiring articles and extraordinary letters from her mailbag, Johnson presents one big package of humor, comfort, and encouragement that her beloved audiences have come to expect.
245 Please Forgive Me the australian christian fellowship
246 Pleasures of Pessimism, The natasha Moore
Re:CONSIDERING invites you to look at what's familiar from an unfamiliar angle. To consider how we consider things - and how to do it better. Pandemic, supervolcano, late capitalism, transhumanism, populism, cancel culture, the post-antibiotic age, the gig economy, the surveillance state, the cascading effects of climate change ...Whatever the specifics, do you ever feel like things are going off the rails - or are just about to? If you've read the news, watched a zombie movie, or gotten into an argument on Twitter lately, the answer is probably yes. And you're not alone. What makes us such apocaholics? What's so appealing about Armageddon? What are the pleasures - and also the perils of our pessimism?
247 Pollution and the Death of Man Francis A. Schaeffer, Udo W. Middelmann
At the creation of the world, God gave mankind the responsibility to exercise dominion over the earth. Man was to use the earth and its abundance of resources to satisfy his physical needs, but he was also to care for the earth and its creatures as a wise and godly steward. Reading about endangered species or another oil spill will make it abundantly clear that the human race has failed miserably in its God-given mandate. How did we get to this point? Where should we go from here? This classic by Francis Schaeffer, now repackaged, looks at contemporary ecological crises through the lens of theology and Scripture. Renowned for his work in applied philosophy and theology, Schaeffer answers serious philosophical questions about creation and ecology. He concludes that we must return to a profoundly and radically biblical understanding of God's relationship to the earth, and of our divine mandate to exercise godly dominion over it. Repackaged and republished, Pollution and the Death of Man carries an important and relevant message for our day. With concluding chapter by Udo Middelmann.

248 Poor Will be Glad, The Peter Greer, Phil Smith
Joining the Revolution to Lift the World Out of Poverty

This eminently practical book shows how ordinary people can help fight poverty around the world. Focusing on proven initiatives, the authors outline specific steps to take in leading the charge against spiritual and physical poverty.
249 Post-Quarantine Church: Six Urgent Thom S. Rainer
A trustworthy and respected guide for pastors and church leadership in the post-quarantine world, providing hope and vision for the future of your congregation. From thousands of surveys of church leaders and in-person consultations, Thom Rainer and his Church Answers team have gathered the essential wisdom you will need to face the challenges and opportunities that the quarantine crisis creates for the local church, including: New and better ways to lead the gathered church A wide-open door for growing the digital church A moment to rethink the facilities New strategies for church growth . . . and much more! This book is, in effect, your personal church consultant, helping you plan and prepare for the future. In the midst of heartbreak, tragedy, and struggle due to Covid-19, here's hope, wisdom, encouragement and vision. This book is valuable for those looking for local church and pastor resources to enhance church leadership, grow your church, and serve digital and online church communities in the post-quarantine world. As a former pastor and founder of Church Answers, Thom S. Rainer is intimately familiar with the ever-present demands that pastors face. He has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of the local church.
250 Power in Praise Merlin R. Carothers
Giant Print

Merlin Carothers' first book, Prison to Praise, drew acclaim from Pat and Shirley Boone, Jamie Buckingham, Leonard LeSourd, Catherine Marshall, Norman Vincent Peale, John Sherrill and others. Thousands wrote and hundreds telephoned to tell him of transformed lives...of experiencing new power and victory. Now Power in Praise brings together some of the miracles wrought by the simple application of Biblical truth: all things work together for good. Power in Praise is a simple clear explaination of how and why the principles introduced in Prison to Praise work in every-day life. Book jacket.
251 Power in Praise - How the Spiritual Merlin Carothers
Merlin R. Carothers is well-known throughout the Christian community. His books have sold over 19 million copies. His unique concept of "praise in all things" brings results that can only be termed miraculous. Merlin may be the only author to have served as a combat paratrooper in World War II, as a guard of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, and later as a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army Chaplaincy in Korea, the Dominican Republic conflict, and in Vietnam. During these conflicts Merlin Carothers leaned amazing things that changed his life. Many people who have read this book have come to enjoy a happiness they never expected to experience. Christians have been overwhelmed to learn that they can live in peace as they discover the secrets of a life of praise.
252 Practical Puppet Plays Irvy Gilbertson
Presents 17 puppet plays, based on Bible verses, which demonstrate Christian principles.
253 Prayer Philip Yancey
Multi-award winning spirituality writer Philip Yancey is loved throughout the world for his honest, insightful and inspirational writing. PRAYER: DOES IT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE? carries all the hallmarks of classic Yancey, a journalist by training. His quest to unravel the mysteries of prayer reads as the journal of a fellow traveller: questioning, challenging, lamenting the unexplainable and rejoicing in the discovery of awesome insights. His journey is beautifully illustrated with moving true stories drawn from around the world. PRAYER: DOES IT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE? tackles the following questions: What is prayer? What difference does it make? Why and how should we pray? What about unanswered prayer? How should we understand prayer for physical healing? Focusing on such a universal theme, this is potentially Yancey's biggest book yet. To date, his books have sold over 14

million copies, and have been translated into 25 languages. His first book with Hodder, SOUL SURVIVOR, sold over 90,000 copies in just five years.
254 Prayer Book for Elders, a Ron Potter
255 Prayer Diary Forgotten Peoples of
256 Prayer is a Way of Life
257 Prayers for Everyone (Little Lions)
258 Prayers of the New Testament: 8 Studies Lynne M. Baab
Are your prayers stuck in a rut? In these Bible studies from Lynne M. Baab you'll find new words and new ways to pray through the prayers of Mary, Simeon and Anna, Peter, Paul, John and Jesus himself. Their words and patterns can serve as rich models for us in our own conversations with God, helping us get out of our ruts and onto fresh new paths of prayer.
259 Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary Kendall McCabe, Marion L. Soards, Thomas B. Dozeman
Year B Lent and Easter

Contains background material for sermons on Bible texts in the order of the three-year cycle of weekly readings agreed upon by several denominations to help preachers prepare and preach powerful, effective sermons based on the Revised Common Lectionary.
260 Preaching the Revised Common Marion L. Soards
Contains background material for sermons on Bible texts in the order of the three-year cycle of weekly readings agreed upon by several denominations to help preachers prepare and preach powerful, effective sermons based on the Revised Common Lectionary.
261 Prodigal God, The Timothy Keller
Recovering the heart of the Christian faith

In THE PRODIGAL GOD, New York pastor Timothy Keller uses the story of the prodigal son to shine a light on the central, beautiful message of Jesus: the gospel of grace, hope and salvation.Keller argues that the parable of the prodigal son, while Jesus’ best-known parable, is also his least understood. He introduces the reader to all the characters in this timeless story, showing that it concerns not just a wayward son, but also a judgemental older brother and, most importantly, a loving father.This short but powerful book is a reminder to the faithful, an explanation to the seeker, and finally an invitation to all – both older and younger brothers – to enter in to the ‘unique, radical nature of the gospel’: the reckless, spendthrift love of God.
262 Psalms Eugene H. Peterson
Prayers of the Heart

The Psalms show you how to relate to God as you pray your doubt, fears and anger. They show you how to respond to God in praise. Here you find the best place to explore who you are and what God means to you.

263 Public Faith, a Miroslav Volf
How Followers of Christ Should Serve the Common Good

Covering such timely issues as witness in a multifaith society and political engagement in a pluralistic world, this compelling book highlights things Christians can do to serve the common good. Now in paperback. Praise for the cloth edition Named one of the \"Top 100 Books\" and one of the \"Top 10 Religion Books\" of 2011 by Publishers Weekly \"Accessible, wise guidance for people of all faiths.\"--Publishers Weekly (starred review) \"Highly original. . . . The book deserves a wide audience and is one that will affect its readers well after they have turned the final page.\"--Christianity Today (5-star review)
264 Purpose Driven Church, the Rick Warren
Growth Without Compromising Your Message and Mission

Every church is driven by something. Tradition, finances, programs, personalities, events, seekers, and even buildings can each be the controlling force in a church. But Rick Warren believers that in order for a church to be healthy if must become a purpose driven church by Jesus. Now the founding pastor of Saddleback Church shares a proven five-part strategy that will enable your church to grow. . .- Warmer through fellowship - Deeper through discipleship - Stronger through worship - Broader through ministry - Larger through evangelism. Discover the same practical insights and principles for growing a healthy church that Rick has taught in seminars to over 22,000 pastors and church leaders from sixty denominations and forty-two countries. The Purpose Driven Church shifts the focus away from church building programs to emphasizing a people-building process. Warren says, \"If you will concentrate on building people, God will build the church.\"
265 Purpose-driven Life, the Richard Warren
What on Earth Am I Here For?

Rick Warren helps readers to discover, develop, and fulfill God's purpose for their lives.
266 Questions Women Ask About Domestic Joint Churches Domestic Violence Prevention Project, Queensland
267 Radical Reformission, the Mark Driscoll
Reaching Out without Selling Out

Reformation is the continual reforming of the mission of the church to enhance God's command to reach out to others in a way that acknowledges the unique times and locations of daily life. This engaging book blends the integrity of respected theoreticians with the witty and practical insights of a pastor. It calls for a movement of missionaries to seek the lost across the street as well as across the globe.This basic primer on the interface between gospel and culture highlights the contrast between presentation evangelism and participation evangelism. It helps Christians navigate between the twin pitfalls of syncretism (being so culturally irrelevant that you lose your message) and sectarianism (being so culturally irrelevant that you lose your mission). Included are interviews with those who have crossed cultural barriers, such as a television producer, exotic dancer, tattoo studio owner, and band manager. The appendix represents eight portals into the future: population, family, health/medicine, creating, learning, sexuality, and religion.Mark Driscoll was recently featured on the ABC special The Changing of Worship.
268 Raising Kids Christian When Your Husband Michael Fanstone
Useful for pastors who advise and encourage women whose husbands do not share their faith, this book offers help and hope even in the most discouraging situations.

269 Rational Faith Stephen T. Davis
A Philosopher's Defense of Christianity

And many in today's academic world find Christian belief untenable. But renowned philosopher Stephen Davis argues that belief in God is indeed a rational and intellectually sound endeavor.
271 Realities of faith Basilea Schlink
270 Real Stories for the Soul: 101 Incredible Robert J. Morgan
101 Incredible True Stories to Challenge Your Faith and Strengthen Your Trust in God

In this second collection of heartwarming stories of faith, Morgan brings 101 more stories that relate the powerful experience of God's presence in the lives of ordinary men and women.
272 Reason for God, the Timothy J. Keller
Belief in an Age of Skepticism

Arguing that most Americans are members of the Christian faith, a response to promoters of science and secularism addresses key questions about suffering, exclusivity, and the belief that Christianity is the only true religion. 50,000 first printing.
273 Recent Trends Among Evangleicals Rowland Croucher
274 Religion is for Fools! (Revised 2013) Bill Medley
As a religious sceptic, Bill Medley investigates the five major world religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism, from a layman's perspective. He attempts to see what can be known, if anything, about a 'God' or an 'afterlife' from logic and tangible evidence. Originally written as a letter to his sister-in-law, in Religion is For Fools! he shares his findings with her and tries to address her objections. Bill Medley worked as a professional entertainer for fifteen years. His stand-up comedy routines sometimes included satires on religion. Here he gives it a more serious examination. 'Absolutely brilliant! ... If all those who argue over religion had a copy of this book it would revolutionise the relationship between me and my bank manager.' Bill Medley 'This book has dramatically changed my whole attitude towards typing.' Diana Medley (wife)
275 Reversed thunder : the revelation of John Eugene H. Peterson
Peterson's eloquent meditation on the Revelation of St. John engages the imagination and awakens the intellect to the vitality and relevance of the last words on scripture, Christ, church, worship, evil, prayer, witness, politics, judgement, salvation, and heaven.
276 Riding the Third Wave Kevin Springer
What Comes After Renewal?
277 Ring of Truth J. B. Phillips
A Translator's Testimony

J.B. Phillips, best known for his translations of the New Testament, wrote Ring of Truth out of a deep concern for many Christians whose simple faith was being eroded by the widespread dissemination of views of certain modern scholars challenging the accuracy and reliability of the Bible. Phillips' experience in translating the New Testament convinced him that what is written in the Gospels, however much modern scholarship may try to explain it away, has indeed \"the ring of truth.\" In this personal statement of faith he shares the exciting discoveries he made in the course of translation, and his delight in them; he communicates the fruits of his scholarship and his intimate knowledge of

the New Testament; but even more he offers his spiritual certainty to those Christians who may be bewildered by destructive tone of much writing about the Bible. The average Christian dismayed by such arguments will be reassured by this testimony of a New Testament scholar who is still convinced of the validity of the Bible and its relevance to contemporary life.
278 Rumors of Another World Philip Yancey
What on Earth are We Missing?

Looks at both the visible and supernatural to search for faith, offering new perspectives on looking beyond what is visible to find meaning and purpose in life.
279 Runaway World (Pocket Books) Michael Green
280 Searching Issues Nicky Gumbel
Tough Questions, Straight Answers

As we begin to think more deeply about the meaning of life, it's not long before we come across tough questions that deserve careful consideration. This book explores and discusses seven common objections to the Christian faith, including: - Why does God allow suffering? - What about other religions? - Is there a conflict between science and Christianity? Drawing on several years of talking through these issues with people looking for answers, Nicky Gumbel offers clear, accessible and reasoned responses to the questions that surround faith and Christianity in the modern world. He goes beyond the logic of each question and applies it to a wider understanding of God's identity and our own identity, with practical suggestions for dealing with these issues in everyday life. 'Gumbel's combination of humour, anecdote, metaphysics, quotations from the Bible and complex theology are both persuasive and compelling.' - The Observer
282 Secret of the Arrows, the Alyce Bergey
281 Secret Strength Joni Eareckson Tada
For Those Who Search

Do you want to know a secret? What's so secret about God? Nothing. And yet everything. Scripture tells us, \"the secret things belong to the Lord our God.\" God has secrets. Some to keep, and some to tell. And who doesn't want to know a secret? Most of us are filled with an incurable urge to discover secrets, to walk the higher and hidden roads. And it is our God, our wonderfully mysterious God, who has placed that yearning within us. He is the treasure we seek...the precious gem to be mined. So take the time to spend these one hundred concise, life-changing appointments with him. And discover incredible handholds of refreshment, courage, and endurance you can cling to in Secret Strength. From the Trade Paperback edition.
283 Secure Rick Dunham
Discovering True Security in Turbulent Financial Times

Rick Dunham's Secure: Cuts to the heart of hot-button issues like money, stewardship, and tithing; Has decades' worth of biblical wisdom condensed in an easy-to-read, easy-to digest format; Is conversational, down-to-earth, and personal; Is perfect for any life stage. God wants you to know true financial freedom. It's true! God passionately wants you to live in the genuine security of His care, fully trusting Him to provide for you. Yet there's only one way to find true security in turbulent financial times. In this powerful and personal work by author and business owner Rick Dunham, you'll see how real financial security isn't found in your pay packet, your possessions, or the size of your portfolio. By taking you on his personal journey that includes near financial disaster - and even a bout with cancer - Rick will share how you can experience the freedom and peace God gives only when you find your real security in Him.

284 Seeing in the Dark Philip Yancey
285 Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Nabeel Qureshi
A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity

In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, now expanded with bonus content, Nabeel Qureshi describes his dramatic journey from Islam to Christianity, complete with friendships, investigations, and supernatural dreams along the way. Providing an intimate window into a loving Muslim home, Qureshi shares how he developed a passion for Islam before discovering, almost against his will, evidence that Jesus rose from the dead and claimed to be God. Unable to deny the arguments but not wanting to deny his family, Qureshi struggled with an inner turmoil that will challenge Christians, Muslims, and all those who are interested in the world’s greatest religions. Engaging and thought-provoking, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus tells a powerful story of the clash between Islam and Christianity in one man’s heart?and of the peace he eventually found in Jesus. \"I have seldom seen such genuine intellect combined with passion to match ... truly a 'must-read' book.\"—Ravi Zacharias
286 Seven Days That Divide the World: The John C. Lennox
The Beginning According to Genesis and Science

What did the writer of Genesis mean by “the first day”? Is it a literal week or a series of time periods? If I believe that the earth is 4.5 billion years old, am I denying the authority of Scripture? In response to the continuing controversy over the interpretation of the creation narrative in Genesis, John Lennox proposes a succinct method of reading and interpreting the first chapters of Genesis without discounting either science or Scripture. With examples from history, a brief but thorough exploration of the major interpretations, and a look into the particular significance of the creation of human beings, Lennox suggests that Christians can heed modern scientific knowledge while staying faithful to the biblical narrative. He moves beyond a simple response to the controversy, insisting that Genesis teaches us far more about the God of Jesus Christ and about God’s intention for creation than it does about the age of the earth. With this book, Lennox offers a careful yet accessible introduction to a scientifically-savvy, theologically-astute, and Scripturally faithful interpretation of Genesis.
287 Seven Seasons of a Man's Life, The Patrick M. Morley
Examining the Unique Challenges Men Face
288 Sex God: Exploring the Endless Rob Bell
Sex God, Rob Bell’s follow-up to the bestselling Velvet Elvis, tackles the controversial relationship between sexuality and spirituality. Published as part of the Rob Bell Classic relaunch, Sex God explores the links between love, sex, and God.
290 Shaping of Things to Come, the Alan Hirsch, Michael Frost
Innovation and Mission for the 21st-Century Church

In a time when the need for and the relevance of the Gospel has seldom been greater, the relevance of the church has seldom been less. The Shaping of Things to Come explores why the church needs to rebuild itself from the bottom up. Frost and Hirsch present a clear understanding of how the church can change to face the unique challenges of the twenty-first century. This missional classic has been thoroughly revised and updated.
289 Shaping of Things to Come, The Alan Hirsch, Michael Frost
Innovation and Mission for the 21st-Century Church

In a time when the need for and the relevance of the Gospel has seldom been greater, the relevance of the church has seldom been less. The Shaping of Things to Come explores why the church needs to rebuild itself from the bottom up. Frost and Hirsch present a clear understanding of how the church

can change to face the unique challenges of the twenty-first century. This missional classic has been thoroughly revised and updated.
291 Singular Woman, A Janny Scott
The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother

Watch a video A major publishing event: an unprecedented look into the life of the woman who most singularly shaped Barack Obama-his mother. Barack Obama has written extensively about his father, but little is known about Stanley Ann Dunham, the fiercely independent woman who raised him, the person he credits for, as he says, \"what is best in me.\" Here is the missing piece of the story. Award-winning reporter Janny Scott interviewed nearly two hundred of Dunham's friends, colleagues, and relatives (including both her children), and combed through boxes of personal and professional papers, letters to friends, and photo albums, to uncover the full breadth of this woman's inspiring and untraditional life, and to show the remarkable extent to which she shaped the man Obama is today. Dunham's story moves from Kansas and Washington state to Hawaii and Indonesia. It begins in a time when interracial marriage was still a felony in much of the United States, and culminates in the present, with her son as our president- something she never got to see. It is a poignant look at how character is passed from parent to child, and offers insight into how Obama's destiny was created early, by his mother's extraordinary faith in his gifts, and by her unconventional mothering. Finally, it is a heartbreaking story of a woman who died at age fifty-two, before her son would go on to his greatest accomplishments and reflections of what she taught him.
292 Smile on the Face of God, A Adrian Plass
The inspiring story of one man's journey through extremes of light and darkness to reach a place where he can be a smile on God's face for many people. Confined to a wheelchair, Philip Ilott's life radiates the compassion of a caring God, despite overwhelming odds. Philip's spirituality also clearly demonstrates that God has not put all his denominational eggs in one basket
293 Smoke On The Mountain
294 So What's the Difference? Fritz Ridenour
How World Faiths Compare to Christianity So What's the Difference? has been revised and updated for the 21st Century to help Christians better understand their own beliefs. A classic first released in 1967, this revision takes a current look at the answer to the question, How does orthodox biblical Christianity differ from other faiths? In a straightforward, non - critical comparison, Fritz Ridenour explores and explains the basic tenets of Roman Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Scientology, New Age and Mormonism.
295 Speaking My Mind Tony Campolo
The Radical Evangelical Prophet Tackles the Tough Issues Christians Are Afraid to Face

Fifteen years ago, Tony Campolo's 20 Hot Potatoes That Christians Are Afraid to Touch pushed, pulled, and prodded Christians into serious consideration of controversial but critical issues related to the Christian life. Campolo challenged his more than 150,000 readers to re-think their convictions (and prejudices) and to do something about them! Dubbed by Christianity Today as \"the positive prophet\" and \"a ferocious critic of Christians left and right,\" Campolo lives up to his reputation in this latest book examining some of today's toughest questions and issues: Is evangelical Christianity anti-feminist? Is our affluent lifestyle at odds with our faith? Is America really in moral decline? Is Islam really an evil religion? Should Christian parents pull their kids out of public schools? Was the war with Iraq a \"just\" war? Speaking My Mind...Tony Campolo at his best.
296 Spiritual Gifts R. Paul Stevens
R. Paul Stevens helps you to recognize your spiritual gifts and leads you to use those gifts to glorify God in your relationships, your work and your world.

297 Spiritual Man (1), the Watchman Nee
Watchman Nee's writings have become well known for their deep spiritual insight among Christians in many nations for many years. Through these volumes a full understanding of his balanced and proper view concerning the Bible and the spiritual life can be accurately appreciated. This new compilation and retranslation of Watchman Nee's writings present the reader a fresh and unedited version of his ministry and promises to shed new light on the reader's understanding of Watchman Nee's ministry.
298 Start a Wing Forty-five Original Talks to P.G.S. Hopwood
300 Story of Jesus and His Love for You, The Brian Simmons
Experience the life and love of Jesus as told in the book of John by The Passion Translation. The Story of Jesus is the biographical account of Jesus’ supernatural birth, controversial life, unjust death, confirmed resurrection, and promised return to earth as told by John, the beloved disciple. This book is a resource to introduce Jesus’ life and the work of his Spirit to invite seekers, encourage saints, and challenge skeptics. Possibly the best-known verse in the Bible is John 3:16, which demonstrates how much God loves each and every one of us: “He gave his uniquely conceived Son as a gift. So now everyone who believes in him will never perish but experience everlasting life.” What a gift! What a promise! The Passion Translation is a new, heart-level translation that expresses God’s fiery heart of love to this generation using Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic manuscripts, merging the emotion and life-changing truth of God’s Word.
299 Story Sermons for boys and girls Julius Fischbach
301 Stranger On The Road To Emmaus, The John R. Cross
Who was the Man? What was the Message?

Here is a book that explains the greatest of Bible themes clearly and logically.
302 Streams of Living Water Richard J. Foster
Celebrating the Great Traditions of Christ

The author of the bestselling celebration of discipline explores the great traditions of Christian spirituality and their role in spiritual renewal today. In this landmark work, Foster examines the \"streams of living water\" in the six dimensions of faith and practice that define Christian tradition. He lifts up the enduring character of each tradition and shows how a variety of practices, from individual study and retreat to disciplines of service and community, are all essential elements of growth and maturity. Foster examines the unique contributions of each of these traditions and offers as examples the inspiring stories of faithful people whose lives defined each of these \"streams.\"
303 Streets of Hope Tim Costello
Finding God in St Kilda

The warm and inspiring story of the Reverend Tim Costello's formative years in his first ministry within the bayside Melbourne suburb of St Kilda.
304 Talking to Children
305 Teaching Christian Adults Warren N. Wilbert

306 Thank God It's Thursday William H. Willimon
Encountering Jesus at the Lord's Table as if for the Last Time

Thank God It's Thursday is the prequel to bestselling author Will Willimon's highly successful, Thank God It's Friday. Following the book of John, Will Willimon focuses on the Jesus' teaching of his disciples prior to his own death but also before their own hour of decision. The climax of the Gospel is when Jesus pours out his life on the cross-surely an enactment and demonstration of the power of God's self-sacrificial love. So to sustain and fortify his followers for the difficulties ahead, Jesus prepares them by teaching and offering sacraments of self-giving,, through which they (and we) experience the grace and presence of the risen Lord. This book can equip Christians to face their hardships as they humbly serve with the promise of God's abiding presence already made good by his outpouring of sacrificial love. Written with the clarity, depth, and insight that are Will Willimon's trademark, this book offers afresh the challenge and grace of the message of the Resurrected One.
307 They Dared to be Doctors Mary St. John Fancourt
Elizabeth Blackwell [and] Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
308 Thinking of You in Your Time of Need (A Susan Power
309 Thirty Days to Understanding the Bible Max Anders
Max Anders' updated classic resource for learning the Bible in 30 days. Understand the Bible in 30 Days includes all the features that made the original so popular plus much more. Proven effective by over 200,000 readers, Understand the Bible in 30 Days introduces you to key Bible characters, places, and events in chronological order so that you can \"think your way through\" the entire Word of God. Through interesting, memory-enhancing exercises, Understand the Bible in 30 Days acquaints readers with the core teachings of Scripture in just 15 minutes a day!
310 This Is Christianity For Students Peter Cotterell
311 Three Revolutions: Three Drastic Changes Robert B. Crotty
Three Drastic Changes in Interpreting the Bible

The author describes the drastic changes or revolutions that have occurred in the interpretation of the Bible during his own lifetime. The author uses his own experiences to describe these revolutions and to reflect on what consequences they have had for his own life-story. The first revolution was the introduction of the historical-critical approach. The Bible was interpreted as historical in a broad sense, not in all its details. In a Roman university the author later found that this broad historical verification of the Bible became more and more problematic. The second revolution is described as the Bible as Literature methodology. This approach puts aside his- tory and examines the Bible as a clever and subtle literary document which has controlled religious belief and practice but cannot be substantiated as historical fact. There was a third revolution. Within the secular university scene, the author became involved in the study of anthropology and sociology. Judaism and Christianity were seen as religions amongst other reli- gions; their sacred writings were seen as sacred writings alongside others. The new approach forces him to rethink the history of Israel, the relevance of the Hebrew Scriptures and Judaism itself; he also has to rethink the history of Jesus, the relevance of the Christian Scriptures and Christianity. This life journey should be of interest to those working in the fields of biblical and religion studies.
312 Time Out Barry McMurtrie

313 Time to Mourn: Recovering from the Death Herb Montgomery, Mary Montgomery, Ron DelBene
Recovering from the Death of a Loved One
314 Tme for Decision, a M.F. Fletcher
315 To Live Each Day Walter Stratford
Stories by People with Cancer

Stories by people with cancer. The stories are about their hopes and fears, the shock of learning they have cancer and the difficulties of living with cancer and the treatment received. The stories have been interwoven with poetry, Scripture and prayer. The author is a Uniting Church minister.
316 Treat Me Cool, Lord Carl Burke
317 Twelve Keys to an Effective Church Kennon L. Callahan
Strong, Healthy Congregations Living in the Grace of God

A thoroughly revised and updated edition of one of the most trusted and authoritative strategic resources for church leaders In this second edition of his groundbreaking book, Kennon Callahan identifies the twelve essential qualities of successful, growing churches and offers all congregations a way to unlock their potential for effective ministry. The Twelve Keys program balances practical planning with theological understanding to help churches function more effectively as they seek to grow and better serve their members. Shows church leaders how to claim and expand upon their church's strengths and become a mission growth congregation Explores each of the twelve keys in depth, from mission to visitation to worship to relationships to programs to details of facilities maintenance Based on a time-tested approach that has been used by hundreds of thousands of churches Now incorporates the planning guide (previously a separate publication) The book includes solid, practical guidelines and tools to help any church become a strong, healthy congregation.
318 Understanding Church Growth Donald Anderson McGavran
319 Understanding Jesus and Muhammad Bernie Power
What the Ancient Texts Say about Them

Jesus and Muhammad are arguably the two most influential individuals who have ever lived. Over half of the world today claims to follow them and the religions they founded: Christianity and Islam. But who were these two men? Where did they come from? What did they do and teach? And what was their vision for the future? This book answers all these questions, drawing on the earliest ancient documents we have about them. In the light of the current tensions that exist in the world, the future of civilisation may well depend on how humanity responds to Jesus and Muhammad.
320 Vintner Of Nazareth, The Augustus Muir
321 Walking through the fire Laurel Lee
a hospital journal

322 Way Into the Old Testament, a Anna Grant-Henderson, Charles Biggs
The book is an introductory text for those wishing to study the Hebrew Scriptures. It gives a general overview of the Old Testament and then goes through the different types of genre in the book. Ideally suited for those beginning to study the bible. Easy to read chapters with many complex issues set out simply for all those at senior high school level and beyond but who do not have theological degrees, it serves as a basic level text.
324 Waymarks Peter Millar
Signposts to Discovering God's Presence in the World

Many people find the modern world a threatening place. Technologies than can control life, social and moral changes, ethnic tensions and other events that dominate our daily news often make the world seem an alien place. Yet for all its failings, it is God's world and Waymarks teaches us to recognize and celebrate his presence and activity, even where we least expect it. Waymarks explores the ways in which life's difficult challenges can be transformed into 'moments of possibility', where we can co-operate in bringing good even out of seemingly hopeless situations. These include attentiveness to Scripture, sensing our interconnections with the earth and with each other, giving expression to our creative imagination, letting go in laughter and in tears, rediscovering prophecy, healing, confession, finding friendship with God and regaining the sense that life is provisional and death is part of the journey we are making. These themes have been developed in reponse to the many questions brought by countless visitors and pilgrims to Iona and they offer an authentic and practical spirituality for life in today's complex world.
323 Way of the Shepherd, the Kevin Leman, William Pentak
7 Ancient Secrets to Managing Productive People

A heartwarming, contemporary parable, The Way of the Shepherd offers a fresh perspective on the art of leadership in this account of a cub reporter who lands the interview of a lifetime with the most respected CEO in America. Through the interview, the businessman shares seven proven management principles that, while ancient in origin, are readily applicable in today's fast-paced, high-tech world.Compelling and challenging, these uncommon, age-old principles require leaders to focus on their own hearts, character, and priorities, and to give their best in order to receive the best from others. Readers also discover insights and techniques for engaging and energizing their workforce, and for leading people in a way that helps them see their work as a calling rather than merely a job, as a place to belong rather than just a place to work. A concise story that's full to the brim, The Way of the Shepherd is a must-read for busy leaders at all levels who want to call forth greatness from the people around them by cultivating it in themselves.
325 Weavings Caring
330 What's in the Bible about God?: What's in Jeanne Torrence Finley
329 What's So Amazing About Grace? Philip Yancey
In 1987, an IRA bomb buried Gordon Wilson and his twenty-year-old daughter beneath five feet of rubble. Gordon alone survived. And forgave. He said of the bombers, "I have lost my daughter, but I bear no grudge. . . . I shall pray, tonight and every night, that God will forgive them."His words caught the media's ear--and out of one man's grief, the world got a glimpse of grace.Grace is the church's great distinctive. It's the one thing the world cannot duplicate, and the one thing it craves above all else--for only grace can bring hope and transformation to a jaded world.In What's So Amazing About Grace? award-winning author Philip Yancey explores grace at street level. If grace is God's love for the undeserving, he asks, then what does it look like in action? And if Christians are its sole dispensers, then how are we doing at lavishing grace on a world that knows far more of cruelty and unforgiveness than it does of mercy?Yancey sets grace in the midst of life's stark images, tests its

mettle against horrific "ungrace." Can grace survive in the midst of such atrocities as the Nazi holocaust? Can it triumph over the brutality of the Ku Klux Klan? Should any grace at all be shown to the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed and cannibalized seventeen young men?Grace does not excuse sin, says Yancey, but it treasures the sinner. True grace is shocking, scandalous. It shakes our conventions with its insistence on getting close to sinners and touching them with mercy and hope. It forgives the unfaithful spouse, the racist, the child abuser. It loves today's AIDS-ridden addict as much as the tax collector of Jesus day.In his most personal and provocative book ever, Yancey offers compelling, true portraits of grace's life-changing power. He searches for its presence in his own life and in the church. He asks, How can Christians contend graciously with moral issues that threaten all they hold dear?And he challenges us to become living answers to a world that desperately wants to know, What's So Amazing About Grace?
326 What Christians Believe John Balchin
The central Christian beliefs and how they work out in daily life.
328 What does our Church Say
331 Whatever Next? Adam McLean
327 What Is God Really Like? Craig Groeschel
In conjunction with ONE PRAYER, a month-long multi-church campaign unifying many different, diverse churches nationwide, this compilation book features reflections by 17 of the best and brightest participating pastors, including Andy Stanley, Francis Chan, Jentezen Franklin, Perry Noble, Steven Furtick, and others.
332 When the Spirit Comes with Power John White
Signs & Wonders Among God's People

John White has extensively interviewed many people, including those from John Wimber's Vineyard Christian Fellowship. His years of work as a psychiatrist and as a missionary in the Third World qualify him in a special way to analyze the experiences described in this book. In addition he has thoroughly studied revivals of the past, highlighting the differences and the similarities to what is happening today. As always, John White remains thoroughly biblical as he handles many controversial topics. The result is a book full of pracitcal wisdom and remarkable insight with conclusions that are fresh and surprising.
334 Where are you God Psalm Prayers for Ron Potter
335 Where is God in a Coronavirus World? John Lennox
How belief in a loving and sovereign God helps us to make sense of and cope with the coronavirus outbreak. We are living through a unique, era-defining period. Many of our old certainties have gone, whatever our view of the world and whatever our beliefs. The coronavirus pandemic and its effects are perplexing and unsettling for all of us. How do we begin to think it through and cope with it? In this short yet profound book, Oxford mathematics professor John Lennox examines the coronavirus in light of various belief systems and shows how the Christian worldview not only helps us to make sense of it, but also offers us a sure and certain hope to cling to.
333 Where Is God When it Hurts/What's So Philip Yancey
Award-winning author Philip Yancey takes you for a soul-searching look at two of Christianity's most important topics WHAT'S SO AMAZING ABOUT GRACE? In this critically acclaimed, bestselling book, Philip Yancey explores the church's great distinctive grace at street level. If grace is God's love for the undeserving, and if Christians are its sole dispensers, then how are we doing at lavishing grace on a

world that knows far more of cruelty and unforgiveness than it does of mercy? Offering compelling, true portraits of grace's life-changing power, Yancey searches for its presence in his own life and in the church. And he challenges us to become living answers to a world that desperately wants to know, What's So Amazing About Grace? WHERE IS GOD WHEN IT HURTS? If there is a loving God, then why is it that ... ? You've heard that question, perhaps asked it yourself. No matter how you complete it, at its root lies the issue of pain. In this award-winning book, Philip Yancey reveals a God who is neither capricious nor unconcerned. Using examples from the Bible and from his own experiences, Yancey looks at pain'physical, emotional, and spiritual and helps us understand why we suffer. Where Is God When It Hurts? will speak to those for whom life sometimes just doesn't make sense. And it will help equip anyone who wants to reach out to someone in pain but doesn't know what to say.
336 Who Is This Child?: From Common Babe to John Ortberg
337 Who Moved The Stone Frank Morison
338 Who Moved The Stone? Frank Morison
English journalist Frank Morison had a tremendous drive to learn of Christ. The strangeness of the Resurrection story had captured his attention, and, influenced by skeptic thinkers at the turn of the century, he set out to prove that the story of Christ’s Resurrection was only a myth. His probings, however, led him to discover the validity of the biblical record in a moving, personal way. Who Moved the Stone? is considered by many to be a classic apologetic on the subject of the Resurrection. Morison includes a vivid and poignant account of Christ’s betrayal, trial, and death as a backdrop to his retelling of the climactic Resurrection itself.—Print Ed. Reviews: “It is not only a study on the Resurrection account as the title seems to suggest, but it retells the whole passion of Jesus Christ. Because the author does not concern himself with textual criticism, he is able to impress on the reader a consistent picture of the events of Passion and Resurrection. For this reason the book will perform a helpful service to everyone who wants a reconstruction of those events.”—Augustana Book News “A well-arranged summary of events relating to the resurrection of Christ and the pros and cons in the debate over their acceptance with emphasis on the latter.”—Watchman Examiner “The story Mr. Morison has told of the betrayal and the trial of Christ is fascinating in its lucid, its almost incontrovertible, appeal to the reason. For me, he made those scenes live with a poignancy and vividness that I have found in no other account, not even in the various attempts that have been made to present the same facts in the guise of a novel.”—J. D. Beresford
344 Why? Ray Barraclough
339 Why Am I Afraid to Love? John Powell
Tradition has it that God's second commandment is that we should love one another. Why is it so hard? The capacity to love is in everyone. Yet so often it remains trapped and waiting to be released. In John Powell's best-selling Why Am I Afraid to Love, he carefully and sensitively confronts the barriers that restrain. He looks at the fear of rejection, the motives for love, how to truly understand the inner self and what true love looks like. He then considers the true test of love: can self be forgotten in loving others? Based on the original best-selling edition, this new book has been completely re-designed. A fitting companion to Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am?, it is one of the most original and popular self help books on the market. It sits comfortably alongside other classics like I'm OK, You're OK. Why Am I Afraid to Love has sold over 100,000 copies in its original edition.
340 Why God Won't Go Away Alister E. McGrath
Is the New Atheism Running on Empty?

An accessible discourse written by a trusted expert and scholar critiquing the new atheism on its own merits and claims. The rise of the new atheism, which includes the manifestos of Richard Dawkins and

Christopher Hitchens, has created a public willingness in today's marketplace to talk about God and religion. Yet the debate up to this point has focused largely on rebutting the new atheist critique of Christianity. Why God Won't God Away moves into new territory by challenging the new atheism on its own grounds. Chapters include discussion on: What is the new atheism The problem of religion The problem of human nature Believing only what can be proved Dealing with imagined worlds and myths The new humanism and the new enlightenment Violence and dogmatism This book is written by a theology professor and Christian apologist who not only has a best-selling book rebutting the new atheist critique of Christianity but has debated Richard Dawkins in Oxford, Christopher Hitchens in Washington, and Daniel Dennett in London.
341 Why I Am Not an Atheist David J. Randall
Facing the Inadequacies of Unbelief

Eleven Christians on eleven diverse paths to faith in Jesus Christ. This book is the compilation of their answers and experiences written in response to Bertrand Russell's Why I am not a Christian.
342 Why There Almost Certainly Is a God Keith Ward
Doubting Dawkins

Richard Dawkins recently claimed that 'no theologian has ever produced a satisfactory response to his arguments'. Well-known broadcaster and author Keith Ward is one of Britain's foremost philosopher- theologians. This is his response. Ward welcomes all comers into philosophy's world of clear definitions, sharp arguments, and diverse conclusions. But when Dawkins enters this world, his passion tends to get the better of him, and he descends into stereotyping, pastiche, and mockery. In this stimulating and thought-provoking philosophical challenge, Ward demonstrates not only how Dawkins' arguments are flawed, but that a perfectly rational case can be made that there, almost certainly, is a God.
343 Why We (still) Believe David J. Randall
Standing Firm on Biblical Christianity

Why We (Still) Believe is written for the western world that is characterised by a secularised culture that doesn't \"do\" God. Fourteen different authors grapple with certain aspects of Christianity, discussing the ways that these beliefs are commonly attacked and why they \"still\" believe in Jesus.
345 Wild at Heart John Eldredge
Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul

John Eldredge revises and updates his best-selling, renowned Christian classic. God designed men to be dangerous, says John Eldredge. Simply look at the dreams and desires written in the heart of every boy: To be a hero, to be a warrior, to live a life of adventure and risk. Sadly, most men abandon those dreams and desires-aided by a Christianity that feels like nothing more than pressure to be a \"nice guy.\" It is no wonder that many men avoid church, and those who go are often passive and bored to death. In this provocative book, Eldredge gives women a look inside the true heart of a man and gives men permission to be what God designed them to be-dangerous, passionate, alive, and free.
346 Witness of faith Historic Documents of the
347 Wonder of Wonders Keith Wall
A 25 Day Journey Into the Heart of Christmas

Through this heartwarming, 25-day collection of reflections, bestselling author Keith Wall challenges readers to use the characters and events surrounding the Christmas story as a mirror to explore the ways God is at work in our lives. Beginning on December 1, Wonder of Wonders takes readers through the season with personal-application thoughts on the individuals and incidents that make up

this decisive moment in human history. Along the way Wall explores the meaning behind the moments we have read about and sung about over and over.Readers will see how the beloved tales of Christ and Christmas are turned into moving examples of God's grace, creativity, and love-and the ways in which we can reflect these qualities to those around us in practical and powerful ways. Wonder of Wonders reminds us that the Christmas season, like no other time during the year, opens doors for the restoration of broken relationships, healing for wounded hearts, and the expression of love to those who desperately need a touch of grace.
348 Workbook on Becoming Alive in Christ, The Maxie Dunnam
349 You Can Make a Difference Tony Campolo
Graduates are looking for a challenge. Filled with superb stories that are inspiring, funny, even sad, this passionate book issues such a challenge. Master-communicator Tony Campolo wants every young Christian to know, \"You Can Make a Difference.\" In four hard-hitting, humorous presentations he galvanizes high school and college students to live lives of total commitment to Christ, to move beyond warm fuzzies and good intentions, and to set a course for a lifetime of spiritual adventure. The perfect gift for any Christian who is finishing school.
350 You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Aly Hawkins, David Kinnaman
Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church...and Rethinking Faith

Close to 60 percent of young people who went to church as teens drop out after high school. Now the bestselling author of unChristian trains his researcher's eye on these young believers. Where Kinnaman's first book unChristian showed the world what outsiders aged 16-29 think of Christianity, You Lost Me shows why younger Christians aged 16-29 are leaving the church and rethinking their faith. Based on new research, You Lost Me shows pastors, church leaders, and parents how we have failed to equip young people to live \"in but not of\" the world and how this has serious long-term consequences. More importantly, Kinnaman offers ideas on how to help young people develop and maintain a vibrant faith that they embrace over a lifetime.
351 Your Bible and You Lawrence Maxwell Arthur Stanley Maxwell
352 Your Church Can Grow C. Peter Wagner
Seven Vital Signs of a Healthy Church

Is your church healthy and growing or stagnant and dying? If your church is afflicted with remnant theology, spiritual naval gazing, pastoral timidity, hyper-cooperativism, or terminal ethnikitis, changes are it's already dying on the vine. On the other hand, if your church is growing it's probably ad healthy church. \"Healthy churches, like healthy people,\" says the author, \"exhibit certain vital signs.\" Wagner has his own list of 7 \"signs\" that lead can be taken as leading to good health and gives many illustrations of churches that exhibit and/or don't exhibit those signs. - Back cover.
353 Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church C. Peter Wagner
Find Your Gifts and Use Them to Serve God's People The Bible tells us that God has given every believer one or more spiritual gifts to build up the Body of Christ. But how can Christians know which gifts they possess? This revised edition of C. Peter Wagner's bestselling spiritual gifts resource will help you learn about your own gifts and empower your congregation or group to use their specific gifts. In this comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide and accompanying spiritual gifts inventory, you will also discover: The 28 gifts listed in the Bible and how to distinguish them; The difference between gifts, talents and roles; How you can know your individual gifts and use them effectively; Five steps to help you build God's kingdom through your gifts You Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church Grow will help you and your group use the gifts God has provided to you so that your church will flourish.